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Field Dispatch: Ethiopia

Ian Plant travels to Ethiopia where he shoots on the edge of light, sharing his favorite techniques for making daring photos at twilight, night, and in low light. Join Ian as he photographs a variety of subjects including gelada monkeys, ancient rock-hewn churches, a churning lava lake, and a stunning cave system. Watch now >>

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Trip Report: Simien Mountains National Park, Ethiopia

Located in the highlands of northwest Ethiopia, the Simien Mountains are truly a wonder to behold. Reaching as high as almost 15,000 feet above sea level, these rugged mountains are home to several photogenic wildlife species, including walia ibex, Ethiopian wolf, klippspringer, and gelada monkeys. Numerous vantage points offer stunning views of steep cliffs, jagged…

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Tips for Planning Landscape Shooting Locations

I often get asked the question: how do you find your landscape photography locations? Typically, a lot of planning goes into my choice of locations and compositions, sometimes even months ahead of time. I start with research at home, which helps me narrow down potential spots. When I arrive on location, the hard work begins,…

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“Unseeing” Photo Challenge Assignment 5: Shutter Speed

For this Outdoor Photography Guide Photo Unseeing Challenge assignment, let’s get creative with shutter speed! Cameras don’t record motion in a way that corresponds to human perception. At one extreme, a camera can freeze the motion of a moving subject, preserving even the tiniest slice of a fleeting moment for eternity. At the other, a…

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“Unseeing” Photo Challenge Assignment 4: Focus

Human vision sees the world with considerable depth of field, allowing us to simultaneously perceive everything from close to far away as sharply in focus (although some of us need glasses, contact lenses, or corrective laser surgery to realize our fullest vision potential). Actually, we don’t really see everything with such perfect sharpness all at…

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The Importance of Photographing Clouds for Outdoor Photography

Whenever you include the sky in your photos, chances are your compositions will look better if there are clouds—the right kind of clouds, that is. Photographing clouds is really important for landscape photography in particular, but I find the presence of clouds to be useful with other types of outdoor photography as well. Look for…

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“Unseeing” Photo Challenge Assignment 3: Perspective

I see it all the time—photographers who show up at a location, drop their camera bag, and start shooting, never moving from that first spot. Successful photography is all about moving your feet, looking for unique and compelling angles, and finding fresh perspectives. Changing position doesn’t really change the way our eyes see the world;…

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“Unseeing” Photo Challenge Assignment 2: Exposure

Welcome to your second assignment in the Outdoor Photography Guide “Unseeing” Challenge! This week’s challenge is all about learning to creatively use exposure. A camera sensor cannot record the same range from light to dark as our eyes can perceive. By getting creative with this technological limitation, one can create compelling photos that challenge viewer…

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