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What Settings Should I Use For Night Photography?

Photography has an extremely interesting progression of learning attached to it. If you’re anything like most photography enthusiasts, you probably started out shooting during bright sunlit hours while avoiding clouds and the corners of the day. Then, you began wondering why your photographs lacked dynamic range and interesting color. Afterwards, you’d seek out the great…

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How to Create Windows to the Outdoors

In the art form of outdoor photography, you have many options to choose from in terms of composition. You can create wild foreground features or use leading lines to direct the viewer’s eyes around the frame. However, photographers should be striving to go beyond the expected shooting techniques and create images that provoke excitement and…

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Photographing Light as Your Subject

Generally, photographers think of light as the thing that illuminates the subject being photographed. There are times, however, when the light itself can be the subject—or at least an important element of the overall composition. There are several general circumstances when you should consider photographing light as your subject. Sunlight passes through a layer of…

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Using Triangles in Landscape Photography

In my over ten years as a professional landscape photographer, I’ve learned that artistic composition—the positioning of visual elements within the picture frame—is vitally important to taking successful photos. A critical component of mastering composition is learning how to recognize and creatively use abstract shapes. When assessing potential landscape subjects, I always keep an eye out for objects that form a triangle shape, as I’ve found that you can make powerful compositions by using triangles in landscape photography.

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The Joy of Scouting

There are many times in photography where you get caught up in the details and lose sight of how photography can be fun instead of a challenge. Maybe it’s because of all of the technical jargon you have to remember, or maybe it’s because of all of the gear you carry. Whatever the case may…

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Tips for Planning Landscape Shooting Locations

I often get asked the question: how do you find your landscape photography locations? Typically, a lot of planning goes into my choice of locations and compositions, sometimes even months ahead of time. I start with research at home, which helps me narrow down potential spots. When I arrive on location, the hard work begins,…

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