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Photo Challenge Week 4 Recap: Reflections

The Week Four assignment is now wrapped up, so it is time for us to reflect on the many great photos that we’ve seen (sorry, I just couldn’t resist making the pun). Here are a few images that caught my eye that I think are worthy of further discussion. As always, click on the images…

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Photo Challenge Week 3 Recap: Shooting Through

Hi everyone! I’m taking a short break from photographing polar bears in the Arctic; I’m having an amazing time but I’m thinking about you all and I’m enjoying your Week Three photos. We’ve seen some great images so far in the Photo Challenge, and I love seeing everyone push their creative boundaries. Although there are…

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Photo Challenge Week 2 Recap: Night

Hi everyone! Week Two of the Outdoor Photography Guide Photo Challenge is now done, and once again we have an incredible collection of photos submitted by participants. It seems that plenty of you were willing to brave the things that go bump in the night to try your hand at photography in the dark. Below…

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