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Tips for Planning Landscape Shooting Locations

I often get asked the question: how do you find your landscape photography locations? Typically, a lot of planning goes into my choice of locations and compositions, sometimes even months ahead of time. I start with research at home, which helps me narrow down potential spots. When I arrive… Read More

The Importance of Photographing Clouds for Outdoor Photography

Whenever you include the sky in your photos, chances are your compositions will look better if there are clouds—the right kind of clouds, that is. Photographing clouds is really important for landscape photography in particular, but I find the presence of clouds to be useful with other types of outdoor… Read More

Photoshop Tips for Beginners

In the 21st century, making photographs has evolved into a process. First, you capture the image with your digital camera, and then you transfer the electronic file into post production editing. There are several post processing software systems, but Adobe Photoshop is by far the most popular for beginners. Read More

Three Ways to Immediately Improve Your Photography

In this blog post we are going to discover three compositional guidelines that can immediately improve your photography in a very real way. Photography composition and the placement of things within your frame can elevate a typical photograph if organized correctly. This is going to teach you how to… Read More

Photographing Birds in Flight

When it comes to bird photography, there is nothing I love more than capturing an intimate portrait of a bird in its natural environment. Successfully creating an artistic photograph of a challenging bird on an appropriate perch is what I live for! That being said, there is also something… Read More

The Importance of a Post-Processing Workflow

Let’s talk about the importance of a post-processing workflow. Workflows in the field can consist of planning, composition, framing, and shooting. Similarly, a post-processing workflow also contains steps that established photographers follow almost religiously to create their photographs. In this case in particular, we will look at how to… Read More