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Product Review: LandscapePro Studio Max

Written by John V. Foty When it comes to LandscapePro Studio Max, the possibilities are endless. The software is not only remarkably easy to use, even for beginners, but it also includes a handful of helpful walkthrough tutorials and short videos to help you get… Read More

Photo Challenge – Week 1: Simple Subjects

Welcome to the first week of the latest Outdoor Photography Guide Photo Challenge! Over the course of the next eight weeks, David Johnston, contributor at Outdoor Photography Guide, will guide you through eight photo assignments aimed at increasing your creativity. This week’s assignment is “Simple Subjects”. If you haven’t officially… Read More

OPG LIVE: September 2018

In this episode of OPG LIVE, professional photographer Ian Plant shares some epic photos from his two weeks of photographing the badlands of South Dakota and Utah. He offers landscape photography tips and insights, helping you to take your photography to the next level! This OPG LIVE event is brought… Read More

What Settings Should I Use For Night Photography?

Photography has an extremely interesting progression of learning attached to it. If you’re anything like most photography enthusiasts, you probably started out shooting during bright sunlit hours while avoiding clouds and the corners of the day. Then, you began wondering why your photographs lacked dynamic range and interesting color. Read More

How to Create Windows to the Outdoors

In the artform of outdoor photography, you have many options to choose from in terms of composition. You can create wild foreground features, or use leading lines to direct the viewer’s eyes around the frame. However, photographers should be striving to get beyond the expected shooting techniques and… Read More

OPG LIVE: August 2018

In this episode of OPG LIVE, professional photographer Ian Plant shares stories and photos from his recent trip to Senja, Norway. Ian also interviews his fellow pro photographer and OPG contributor Zac Mills about his experience photographing Sumatran orangutans, mountain gorillas, and the big cats of Africa. Read More

Shipboard Photography: Carrying, Stabilizing, and Protecting your Gear

More and more photographers are taking to the sea to visit island destinations like Svalbard, Greenland, and the Galapagos. Antarctic tourism, for example, has surged in recent years, with over 44,000 people visiting the frozen continent in the 2016-2017 summer season—and almost all of them by ship. Ships provide access to remote landscapes and a stunning array of marine species including polar bears, sea otters, penguins, and seabirds. Read More