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Lesson 7: See the Light

Photography is the study of light.

What happens when there is no light? You can't see, right? Given that this course is about learning to see, being able to see light from a photographic standpoint is crucial. Being able to see the interplay of both light and shadows in itself can be a story that evokes an emotional response. Different qualities of light can also evoke different responses.

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Lesson 6: Composing Ourselves

If you look at the work of successful professional photographers, their most impactful photos are at war with the simple compositional techniques that most photographers use. They understand that there are no rules for composition, there are only techniques, that when used properly, will allow your subject to be placed anywhere in your frame.

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Lesson 5: Capturing Emotions

There are two things I hear most from other photographers when they are talking about improving their work. The first is they want to be able to tell a story with their images, which was our topic last lesson. Another goal I often hear is that photographers want their images to have an emotional impact on their viewers, which coincidentally enough, is this lesson's topic. Entire books have been written on this subject, so I am going to stick to five fundamental tips to keep the length of the post readable.

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