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  • Water Photography Tips for Shooting in the Mountains

    Water Photography Tips for Shooting in the Mountains

    Learn how to get amazing shots of waterfalls, streams, and lakes. This session offers water photography tips to help you get those beautiful, artistic water shots using long shutter speeds, reflection, and other tools.

  • mountain photography

    Morning in the Mountains

    Learn how to take your mountain and other outdoor landscape shots to the next level. You’ll learn how to use sunlight, the time of day, and other natural elements to create compelling images that pop. Weed out distracting elements, maximize the beauty of the natural environment, and bring your vision to life.

  • Mountain Subjects & Tips for Shooting Each

    Mountain Subjects and Tips for Shooting Each

    Shutter speed, ISO, and aperture are essential tools that you can use to get more creative with your shots while shooting in the mountains. Learn how your histogram can help you determine the best of each.

  • Photography Textures and Patterns When Shooting Outdoors

    Photography Textures and Patterns When Shooting Outdoors

    How does texture impact your shot? What difference can a small change in perspective make? Learn more about photography texture and color in this session.

  • How to use a Light Meter and Live View on Your DSLR

    How to Use a Light Meter and Live View on Your DSLR

    In this session you’ll learn how to use a light meter and your camera’s live view feature to get amazing nature shots. These features can be a powerful creative tool for your photography.

  • Fall Lake at Sunset

    Fall Lake at Sunset

    In this session, you’ll learn tips for finding and capturing your perfect sunset shot, and what to do when that shot isn’t working out. You’ll realize how you can see more creatively and improve your timing to catch better shots of sunsets in nature.

  • Pantanal of Brazil

    The Pantanal of Brazil is the world’s largest tropical freshwater wetland area, and is a great location to photograph a number of species including caiman, giant otters, hyacinth macaws, and many other tropical bird species. But forget all that: the Pantanal is the best place in the world to see and photograph wild jaguar! I…

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  • Argentina’s Puna de Atacama

    The Puna de Atacama is a breathtaking desert scene, not known by many photographers. Centuries of volcanoes and erosion have created these surreal rock formations, ideal for landscape photography.

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  • Iceland in Winter

    Iceland is home to many great landscape photography opportunities. However, the most popular subject during Icelandic winters is the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights).

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  • Zambia

    Trip Report: Zambia

    In August 2015 I visited Zambia, located in southern Africa. Zambia is a beautiful country with stunning scenery and incredible wildlife viewing opportunities. Three of my favorite places I visited were Victoria Falls, Kafue National Park, and Lower Zambezi National Park. Victoria Falls is one of the greatest attractions in Africa, and one of the…

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