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  • Bay Photo Lab Metal Prints Review

    If you’re like most photographers, you want to see your best images in print and on display. In this free video, world renowned outdoor photographer Ian Plant shows you one of the latest techniques in the world of quality printing, and it’s available through the internet. This intriguing new print option is the metal print.…

  • Photographing Light as Your Subject

    Photographing Light as Your Subject

    Generally, photographers think of light as the thing that illuminates the subject being photographed. There are times, however, when the light itself can be the subject—or at least an important element of the overall composition. There are several general circumstances when you should consider photographing light as your subject. Sunlight passes through a layer of…

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  • Focus Stack Retouching

    Focus stacking is a great method for blending a combination of images captured from the same locked-down position but focused at different points. In this free video, world renowned outdoor photographer Ian Plant introduces you to Helicon Focus, a standalone piece of editing software he highly recommends. A common problem when blending images is movement,…

  • Using Triangles in Landscape Photography

    In my over ten years as a professional landscape photographer, I’ve learned that artistic composition—the positioning of visual elements within the picture frame—is vitally important to taking successful photos. A critical component of mastering composition is learning how to recognize and creatively use abstract shapes. When assessing potential landscape subjects, I always keep an eye out for objects that form a triangle shape, as I’ve found that you can make powerful compositions by using triangles in landscape photography.

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  • Fisheye Lens Photography: Tips and Techniques

    Fisheye lens photography is unique in the visual world of capturing images. In this free video, world renowned outdoor photographer Ian Plant shows you how to incorporate more creativity into your work through fisheye lens photography. A fisheye lens adds a bulging curve to the center of the image for an extreme wide angle view.…

  • The Best Times to Take Outdoor Photos

    I’ve been a professional landscape, nature, and travel photographer for over ten years, and I often get asked the question: what are the best times of day for taking outdoor photographs? The answer, of course, depends in large part on what you are photographing. Outdoor photographers like myself spend weeks in the field hoping for incredible displays of natural light to fully bring their subjects to life. Understanding light, how it changes during the day, and how you can best use the light to your advantage are all critical aspects of successful outdoor photography.

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  • Tips and Techniques to Make Your Photos More Inviting

    When you’re photographing wild or domestic animals, a key creative element is eye contact between you, your viewer, and the animal. In this free video, world renowned outdoor photographer Ian Plant shows you how to visually welcome the viewer with an invitation to participate. Whether you photograph an animal or a landscape, Ian suggests telling…

  • OPG LIVE: May 2018

    Say good bye to winter, and say goodbye to the old OPG LIVE – we return in May with a new, improved format to welcome the coming of spring! In this episode, pro nature photographer Ian Plant shares some of his secrets for making compelling spring photographs. And, as always, he will be answering the…

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  • Quick Tips to Level Your Camera Horizon

    There are times when landscape photographers get frustrated because the horizons in their images do not turn out completely level. In this free video, world renowned outdoor photographer Ian Plant shows you different methods to make sure your landscape images end up on the level. One method employs a small bubble level that you slot…

  • OPG LIVE: APRIL 2018

    In this episode of OPG LIVE, professional photographer Ian Plant shares stories and techniques behind some of his favorite photos taken during his travels around the world, and answers viewer questions.

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