Show Us Your Landscape Photography

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  1. Paul Grillo

    Sandhill Cranes morning liftoff on the Platte River near Grand Island Nebraska!

  2. Jamie Carey

    Wow! this is a nice photo of the eclipse unfortunately I do not live in an area along the “Path of Totality” and we had quite a bit of clouds on the 8th so the eclipse was pretty short lived here we only got about 25% coverage when you could see it between the clouds where I live. Congratulations on this beautiful shot.

  3. Brian Jennings

    Had to be in position in time for the alpenglow on top of the mountains – dialed in and ready to go. Then, just hoping there was no breeze that would destroy the reflection of the sunset and glow on the lake below. This is a 2-second exposure at 24mm.

  4. Bonnie

    I grew up in WV and always loved visiting the Old Mills with my parents. I’m living on the west coast now and so miss seeing these incredible places and fall colors. It’s been 60 years since I’ve explored WV. Great photograph! It brought joyful tears to my windows to the world. Thank you, Bonnie

  5. Michael

    This is a drone photo of the area near my childhood home. Very early attempt that came out well.

  6. Allister

    @wbarrymedlin I love the light on your water tower. It’s absolutely striking against the murky sky.

  7. Allister

    John, that’s beautiful. Very dreamy. How long did you leave the shutter open for that much blending of the water?

  8. Colin Sires

    First uploaded pic and l love taking sunset pics and now starting to look upwards towards the stars

  9. Heather

    This photo is my first entry. Should have said it was the De’Entracasteaux Channel Tasmania, Australia.

  10. Diana W Hayes

    BEND IN THE TRACKS for Day 1 of 12 days of photos This one to be taken Mid Day.

  11. Charles Andrisano

    This is a section of Brooklyn, that separates Statin Island from Brooklyn and water you see is The Narrows, which winds its way North towards the East River, a causeway that heads towards the Hudson River, and upstate New York.

  12. J Sharp

    Alistair Bradley .. I really like your Last Leaves Hanging photo .. it really draws me in with the mist and the winter feel