• Venice Rookery

    Venice Rookery

    Placement helps ensure your pictures are beautiful and clutter-free. That is why the position you select is so important in your photography. In this session, you will gain tips for composing shots that truly capture the essence of the landscape.

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  • Capturing the Wildlife

    Capturing the Wildlife

    It takes a special eye to capture beautiful wildlife. Make sure to take advantage of special camera features to ensure you’re always able to snap that right moment. This session offers tips for how you can best capture wildlife.

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  • Myakka River State Park

    Myakka River State Park

    The Florida Gulf Coast is a truly unique wildlife and nature photographer’s paradise. In this session, follow along with professional wildlife photographers as they explore and photograph the beautiful Myakka River State Park.

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  • Learn Wildlife Photography Along the Florida Coast

    Photographing Wildlife Along the Florida Gulf Coast – Course Preview

    From freshwater birds to deer, owls and other wildlife, understanding how to best photograph wildlife is essential. In this course, you will follow along with professional wildlife photographers in the diverse landscape of the Florida Gulf Coast.

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  • Completing the Story: Nighttime Photos

    Completing the Story: Nighttime Photos

    Nighttime can bring a whole new set of interesting subjects for you to shoot, but the low light can also introduce some photography challenges. In this session you will learn how to shoot in low light and get some great nighttime street scene shots.

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  • wildlife photography

    Patience is Key: Photographing Wildlife

    Taking great wildlife photos takes more than just skill and a good eye; it takes patience and flexibility. They won’t always show up when you expect them to and they won’t always behave the way you like, but having the flexibility to work with them will help you get great photos every time.

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  • Underwater Photography Tips

    Underwater Photography Tips

    Shooting underwater can be an amazing experience. These underwater photography tips will help you hone your skills, making you a better photographer both on land and in the sea. Get ready to be inspired and show off your own best shots!

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  • The Art of Story Telling

    The Art of Story Telling

    They say that a picture is worth 1,000 words, but still, telling a story with your photography is indeed an art. In this session you will learn how to tell compelling stories by tapping into the local culture and bringing its unique flavor to life through natural, vivid photos.

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  • Beach Photo Ideas for Capturing an Icon Beach Image

    Beach Photo Ideas for Capturing an Iconic Image

    Everyone takes beach photos, but not everyone takes good beach photos. This session will show you how to capture those iconic beach photos. You’ll jumpstart your creativity, learning about composition, light, and shadows so you can take the best photos you’ve ever taken.

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