• Zooming During Exposure

    Zooming During Exposure

    Using one concept in a few different ways, you can create a number of distinctive images. In this video, you will learn several techniques for using a zoom lens during a long exposure to create a feeling of motion through the dark. Layne Kennedy describes and demonstrates how to select a subject, how to use…

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  • Rear Curtain Sync vs Front Curtain Sync

    Rear Curtain Sync vs. Front Curtain Sync

    Low-light or ambient-light conditions can present particular challenges to your photography, but there is a tool that can offer you another creative opportunity to add interest to your photographs. In this video, you will learn how to use front curtain sync and rear curtain sync to time the flash relative to the exposure length. Professional…

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  • panning photography, Circular Panning vs Horizontal Panning

    Circular Panning vs. Horizontal Panning Photography

    Sometimes poor light can be good light for shooting. In this video, photographer Layne Kennedy provides helpful panning photography tips and also demonstrates how to use panning in low light to capture motion. You can photograph people walking or cars as they go by, but for this video Layne chose a light-rail transit train car…

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  • Basic Time Lapse Overview

    Basic Time Lapse Overview

    Still photographers can create the illusion of motion through the use of time-lapse photography, taking advantage of rapidly changing scenes to join a multitude of photos. In this video, you’ll learn tips and techniques on how best to capture motion. Photographer Layne Kennedy chose the Minnesota Twins’ home opener to get his shots, all 600…

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  • cityscape photography

    Photographing a Cityscape

    When photographing a cityscape, you may want to get the essential, iconic shot, but you should gather supporting images as well. In this video, editorial photographer Layne Kennedy illustrates how you can capture elements that aren’t as well-known, with techniques such as converting a shot to stark black and white or shooting a panoramic of…

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