• How to Take Panoramic Photos

    Have you tried making a panoramic photograph? The result can often be beautiful but yet difficult to create. With modern digital software, making panoramic images is now easier. In this free video, professional landscape photographer, Ian Plant, takes you through the process of how to take panoramic photos. Ian has created many panoramic images in…

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  • 0:32

    For an exciting outdoor adventure, join wildlife photographer, Doug Gardner, in this series of videos on capturing Colorado Elk in the Rocky Mountain National Park. Doug follows the bugle call of a bull elk leading his herd of cows along a picturesque mountain valley. You will learn what lenses to use for close portraits and…

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  • Gimbal Head

    Professional wildlife photographer, Ian Plant, says, “If you are serious about wildlife photography, you will need a gimbal head.” In this video, he will explain the uses of the gimbal head. The gimbal is a tripod head designed for fluid movement so you can easily track your wildlife subjects. It has a control knob that…

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  • 0:51

    Telling a story with pictures is an intriguing concept. In this series of videos, professional landscape photographer, Steve Kossack, will guide you through the exciting process of telling a story with pictures. Touring the high Arizona desert, he uncovers dramatically colorful scenes. The idea is to tell the visual story of the struggle to survive…

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  • 1:19

    What exactly is a tripod ball head and how does it work? In this video, professional nature photographer, Ian Plant, will show you how to use the ball head. The tripod ball head has three basic features. A primary knob for moving your camera around on the tripod. A friction knob in order to clamp…

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  • Types of Camera Filters

    When should you use a camera filter? How can it help make better pictures? In this video, professional nature photographer, Ian Plant, will take you through the three types of camera filters he uses when shooting outdoors. You will learn that the polarizing filter removes glares and reflections. How neutral density filters of various strengths…

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  • Filter Holder

    In outdoor photography, there are certain lens filters you will find useful. In this video, world- renowned photographer, Ian Plant, shows you why. Ian recommends placing photo filters into a metal filter holder that attaches to your lens. The advantage is you can use multiple filters at once as opposed to stacking the screw-on filters,…

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  • Wildlife Photography Equipment

    In this video on wildlife photography equipment, world-renowned photographer, Ian Plant, will explain three important accessories for wildlife photography. The first is the gimbal tripod head, which allows you to easily pan your heavy, telephoto lens when you are shooting wildlife on the ground or birds in the air. The second important accessory is the…

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  • Camera Lens Cloth

    So just what is the single most important accessory for outdoor photography? According to world-renowned photographer, Ian Plant, it is the basic camera lens cloth. In this video, you will find that shooting in the outdoors can cause camera problems. All of your expensive lenses won’t yield quality images if you get dirt, dust, rain,…

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