• Capturing the Barber Shop in HDR Photography

    When professional photographer and instructor, Tony Sweet, discovered a musty, old barber shop in the prison, he knew he had an ideal HDR photograph. He calls it, “one of the greatest shots in all of the prison, challenging but worth the effort.” Tony shows you how to balance the bright, red barber chair with the…

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  • Processing the Barber Shop Using HDR Photography Tips

    The prison barber shop images have been captured. Now it’s time for processing the HDR photograph. Post-production instructor, Tony Sweet, will show you how to export the RAW photo files to the HDR stage and into the master folder. You will learn how to work with Photomatix software. How to use tone mapping for color…

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  • HDR Photography in Al Capone’s Old Prison Cell

    This old prison was full of photo ops. But Al Capone’s prison cell? Professional photographer and instructor, Tony Sweet, found this old cell to be the ideal subject for a HDR photograph. You will learn how to handle mixed lighting, from lamp light to window light, from the bottom of the gray scale to the…

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  • HDR Editing Al Capone’s Prison Cell Photo

    The six images have been captured, and now it’s time for processing Al Capone’s cell. Post production instructor, Tony Sweet, drags the HDR-processed RAW file into Photomatix, his favorite HDR software. When he runs into a problem with an overexposed skylight, he corrects with tone mapping and the white point point tool. He discusses saturation,…

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  • HDR Photography Tips: Capturing Mixed Lighting

    This is a great room for capturing mixed light,” says Professional photographer and instructor, Tony Sweet. He refers to a musty room in the old prison that features bright skylight, shadows, and lamp light. To capture the HDR image, you will learn how Tony uses long exposures, dropping as low as minus five below aperture…

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  • HDR Photography Tips for Post Processing

    Post production instructor, Tony Sweet, has captured the HDR images in the old prison room under difficult lighting conditions. “It’s my favorite room in the prison,” Tony explains, “because of the various light sources and colors.” The next step is processing the mixed light. You will learn tone mapping in the Photomatix software. Tony starts…

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  • HDR Photography Tips for Capturing the Yard

    The old prison yard. Outdoor setting. Light sky. Dark stone. Professional photographer and instructor, Tony Sweet, explains, “This is the perfect candidate for an HDR photo, from deep shade to bright sunlight.” You will learn that fast exposures work best in this type of exterior setting in order to minimize ghosting of the moving clouds.…

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  • HDR Editing of the Yard Photographs

    After capturing the prison yard in extreme lighting conditions, how would you go about processing the yard? Post-production instructor, Tony Sweet, walks you through the steps to achieve the final HDR photograph. Using Photomatix software, he discovers haloing around the clouds and pulls back the strength. In the default setting, Tony makes general adjustments: white…

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  • Capturing the Root Cell

    How do you go about capturing the root cell in HDR? The challenge for professional photographer and instructor, Tony Sweet, is the average tonality of the light throughout the room. He explains, “This is not a true HDR image, so I’ll take a single shot and double process it in post.” When he consults the…

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