• 0:59

    Using Your Photos to Tell a Story

    Street photography is about telling the story of your subject, whether it be a person or a place. In this video, professional photographer, Ian Plant, shows you his own photographs of one particular story. He takes you to neighborhood bar that features its own ferris wheel and shows you his photographic results. Ian says, “It…

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  • 2:18

    Capturing Artistic Composition in Street Photography

    What are the keys to making good street photographs? In this video, professional photographer, Ian Plant, gives you some answers to that difficult question. He says, “Try to get past the notion that you are shooting places and people.” He suggests concentrating on the visual shapes, the building blocks of your successful composition. Ian points…

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  • Artistic Street Photography

    Artistic Street Photography: How to Capture the Best Shot

    In artistic street photography, there are certain aspects to consider. In this video, professional photographer, Ian Plant, shows you several and how they apply in creating a memorable image. He explains that the three most important aspects are composition, light, and moment. You will learn techniques to visually entice the viewer into the scene, how…

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  • Photographing Sunsets

    Photographing Sunsets Tips and Techniques

    Most photographers love photographing sunsets. In this video, professional photographer, Ian Plant, gives you some tips on shooting the city skyline at sunset. You will learn that the setting sun, clouds, and sky are compositional elements of the scene. The main subject is the city, its buildings, bridges, and trees. With his 16mm wide angle…

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  • Night Photography

    Using Night Photography to Capture a Skyline

    How do you go about shooting a city skyline at night? In this video, professional photographer, Ian Plant, gives you tips on the craft of night photography. Ian recommends shooting the city skyline about half hour after sunset when the ambient light from the sky and the light from the buildings are equalized. He shoots…

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  • Urban Landscape Photography Tips

    Urban Water Photography Ideas – Course Preview

    Urban water photography is an opportunity to explore some often-overlooked components of the urban landscape. Learn to capture the interaction of life with the flow and gathering of water in this course.

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  • Panoramic Shots

    Panoramic Shots with Water Subjects

    Sometimes a panoramic photo is needed to capture everything in a single frame. In this session, Layne discusses positioning, exposure, camera settings, and lens selection for capturing panoramic shots of water subjects in an urban setting.

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  • Urban Photography Tips

    Urban Photography Tips on Water Subjects and Reflections

    In this session, you will learn composition techniques for your urban landscape water photographs, incorporating water and its reflections as the subject. You’ll see how water in an urban landscape can be both a backdrop or a subject element, or both at the same time.

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  • Photographing Graffiti

    Photographing Graffiti in Urban Environments

    Graffiti is a natural part of the urban landscape. Rather than avoid it, see how to use it as a compositional element in your urban water photography. Layne shares tips for working with the lower lighting conditions you’ll likely encounter while chasing a shot.

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