• 4:49

    Time Lapse Photography at Night

    In this video, professional outdoor photographer Jason Hatfield takes you to the mountains of Crested Butte, Colorado and shows you how to capture a spectacular time lapse motion image of the night sky featuring the Milky Way. For creating his time lapse photograph, Jason uses a Sony camera with a built-in application. He keeps the…

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  • 10:49

    Bracketing Photography in the Field

    Photographing with natural light at first might seem simple. Just point and shoot. Yet, your compositions often don’t turn out the way you’d like, the fine details missing. In this premium video, professional outdoor photographer David Johnston takes you to California’s Joshua Tree National Park to show you a key technique designed to improve your…

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  • 3:15

    Subject Seclusion for Clean Photography

    For professional outdoor photographer David Johnston, creating a photograph that has a clear idea of the subject was a challenge when he was starting in outdoor photography. However, his mentors told him that it was the one way to create a good photo. There are many ways you can seclude your subjects in the outdoor…

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  • 9:05

    The Best Lens Filters For Outdoor Photography

    As outdoor photographers, we have unique mediums we use to create our works of art. While painters have paint and brushes, we use photography equipment to manipulate and use light and time. Great light is what we search for, however, there can be more to an outdoor scene than great light if we think critically…

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  • 7:33

    How to Photograph an Epic Panorama

    Picture this: you step into an outdoor scene to photograph a pristine landscape, but you can only fit about half of what you want into the frame. You probably think, “I wish I could compose a high quality, epic shot to get everything I can see into one photo!” That’s where panoramas come into play…

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  • 5:10

    Difficult Lighting Situations in Outdoor Photography

    Outdoor photography is predominantly the art form of chasing and capturing the effects that light has on an outdoor scene. Having a definition that wide, it’s obvious that if you go outside with your camera, you’re going to find yourself in several lighting situations. With that in mind, you can actually group all lighting situations…

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  • 4:41

    Product Review: Fujifilm X-T30

    Over the last several years, Fujifilm has been making their mark on the mirrorless camera market with the development of small, lightweight, and extremely functional cameras. All of their camera models have made vast improvements for outdoor photographers. When they released the Fujifilm X-T30, I wondered whether or not it was capable of high-quality outdoor…

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  • 7:49

    Essential Water Photography Gear

    Outdoor photography has the ability of putting you in very unique situations in which you must problem solve with your compositions and photography gear. Waterfall photography is no different. In fact, once you have photographed waterfalls several times, you begin to realize how much of a niche topic that they are within outdoor photography. To…

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  • 3:12

    How to Photograph Dynamic Silhouettes

    I’m a strong believer that you can photograph something interesting in the outdoors no matter the light and conditions. There are big and wide compositions that feature a beautiful sunset when the clouds are exploding with color, and there are small detail shots when the location lacks subject matter. Knowing when to use each type…

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