• 17:15

    Photographing Bull Elk, Antelopes, and Bighorn Sheep

    Wildlife photography isn’t for the impatient. Photographers Doug Gardner and Jared Lloyd show you in this session how staying the course and waiting for the right moment can result in stunning photos, whether you’re photographing a bull elk in the snow or a bighorn sheep in a brushy area where you’re waiting for a little color to brighten up the scene.

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  • 8:26

    Winter Weather Photography Gear and Clothing Tips

    Want to shoot winter photos in one of the harshest environments of the world? Yellowstone National Park may be your ideal destination. This session will help you stay comfortable and safe while photographing beautiful animals in a pristine winter environment.

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  • 1:36

    Winter Wildlife Photography in Yellowstone National Park – Course Preview

    Join outdoor photographers Doug Gardner and Jared Lloyd in a Yellowstone winter expedition that will give you crucial tips and techniques for photographing the impressive animals that live there. This course will also give you greater respect for the animals that survive the bitter winters of Yellowstone.

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  • 15:18

    Photographing Grizzly Bears in the Northern Rockies

    Learn all about staying safe while shooting wild grizzly bears and getting better quality pictures at the same time. Follow Doug Gardner and Jared Lloyd to the northern Rockies where they will teach you technical photography tips, creative ideas, and basic safety tips while in bear habitats.

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  • 10:24

    Safety Tips for Photographing Bears in the Wild

    Learn how to photograph bears in the wild without disrupting their natural activity and keep yourself safe. You must make noise so they know you are there, and be watchful of brush and wooded areas where they can emerge rather quickly.

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  • 1:33

    Wildlife Photography: Capturing Grizzly Bears – Course Preview

    Professional photographers Doug Gardner and Jared Lloyd give you creative, technical, and safety tips for photographing grizzlies. They take you with them to the northern Rockies to show you how it’s done. They also demonstrate what to do if a bear charges you so you don’t become his next meal.

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  • Wildlife Photography: Capturing Southern Resident Killer Whales

    Photographing Southern Resident Killer Whales

    Learn stop action photography when you travel with professional photographers Doug Gardner and Aaron Baggenstos on the Pacific Ocean to take pictures of Southern Resident killer whales. You’ll learn how to capture clear images even though you never know where or when the lightning-quick whales will surface.

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  • Encounters with Brown Bears

    Encounters with Brown Bears

    Encounters with brown bears in the Alaskan wild can be a beautiful experience resulting in incredible photographs, or it can be a nightmare. It all depends on how you conduct yourself when you are where the bears are. This course teaches you how to conduct yourself so you have the beautiful experience and get some great shots at the same time.

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  • Wildlife Photography: Capturing Alaskan Walruses

    Photographing Alaskan Walruses

    The coast of Alaska is where two professional photographers take you to shoot a herd of walruses in their natural habitat. You will learn to work with the light and weather conditions available the day you are there and adjust your camera accordingly.

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