Field Dispatch: Utah Part 2

Professional photographer Ian Plant describes his experiences photographing in the Faroe Islands and the deserts of Utah. He discusses techniques for drone and landscape photography.


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6 Responses to “Field Dispatch: Utah Part 2”

  1. Gary Reynolds

    If you are on manual, how do you choose your shutter speed and exposure length?

    • Customer Service

      Hello Gary,

      Thank you for contacting us. Manual is my preferred mode as it lets you adjust for any exposure anomalies outside of the “typical”. This might include large areas of the frame either really dark or really light.
      Your exposure is easy to determine simply by using the built in light meter. From there, to be cautious, you would “bracket” your exposure. This serves two functions, the first being if you bracket wide enough (shoot a number of frames both over and under the meter reading) you are assured of getting a reasonable exposure in there somewhere. Second if you decide to exposure stack, or use an HDR program you’ve got the images to support those post production processes.

      Combine bracketing with shooting RAW and you have a powerful combo to insure you’ll alway get the exposure options you need. For more exposure info look for lessons with a key word: exposure triangle.

      Happy Shooting!
      If you have any other concerns, please contact us at 1-855-231-0652, or chat with us on our site.

      We greatly appreciate your business!


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    • James Smith

      First time here as a gold member.
      Trying to catch the settings you used on shots in the video but pretty quick and pause blocking some info. Do you have a summary of settings?