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  • Equipment for Landscape Photography

    What do you need in the way of equipment for landscape photography? In this free video, professional outdoor photographer, Ian Plant, will show you what he uses to capture memorable landscape images. “You don’t need a lot of gear, gizmos, and gadgets,” he explains, “just a camera and a wide angle lens.” However, Ian recommends… Read more »

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  • Macro Photograph

    Come on along for exciting new adventures in the world of macro photography. You can do macro photography in your backyard, the woods, a garden, on the window sill, and in your kitchen. In this series of videos, professional photographer, Layne Kennedy, will give you macro photography tips to help you make your close-up images… Read more »

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  • Macro Photography Tips

    Macro photography is fascinating. It can open up an enchanting world. In this video, professional photographer, Layne Kennedy, will give you macro photography tips to help you make your macro images memorable. Layne shows you the difference between the 200mm and 105mm lenses and the critical factor of focal length ratios in approaching your subject… Read more »

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  • 012347f_B2B96U_c Iconic shoot

    Field photography can be an exciting experience. The thrill of being outdoors and the search for photo opportunities. In this series of videos, get into the field with world renowned photographer, Jim Zuckerman, as he shows you tips on field photography in the fall colors of New England. Jim photographs iconic Maine lighthouses at sunrise… Read more »

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  • Photography Exposure

    According to world renowned photographer, Jim Zuckerman, the best time of the day to shoot a landscape is at sunrise. “You have golden lighting and beautiful texture,” he explains. In this video, you will learn the importance of photography exposure. Jim composes a lighthouse in silhouette and sets his exposure for the rising sun to… Read more »

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  • Leading Lines

    What are leading lines in photographic composition? World renowned photographer, Jim Zuckerman, shows you the technique as he composes a lighthouse image in coastal Maine. Jim starts out with a wide angle lens, his composition following the fence line as it leads your eye to the lighthouse. For optimum resolution, he recommends shooting in RAW… Read more »

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  • 012054f_B2A10U_c Tips & Techniques to Photographing Mule Deer

    Wyoming’s Wind River Basin is home to the largest number of bighorn sheep in the world. In this series of videos, we’ll join wildlife photographer, Doug Gardner, as he photographs bighorn sheep and mule deer in the snow covered mountains. Doug and nature photographer, Jared Lloyd, follow a well-used game trail and photograph a herd… Read more »

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  • 012050f_B2A06U_c Capturing the Shoshone Indian Footprints

    Photographing wildlife in Wyoming’s Wind River Basin can be an exhilarating experience. In this video, professional photographer, Doug Gardner, pauses from his wildlife photography tips to walk in the footsteps of Shoshone Indian history. In search of wildlife, Doug and fellow nature photographer, Jared Lloyd, trek through the snowy landscape and come across some old… Read more »

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  • 012052f_B2A08U_c Photographing Wildlife & Landcapes

    Bighorn sheep are considered the monarchs of the Rocky Mountains. In this video, wildlife photographer, Doug Gardner, takes you to Wyoming’s Wind River Basin to capture these intriguing animals. Doug and photographer, Jared Lloyd, discover a herd of bighorn rams on a mountain ridge. You will learn why side lighting works best to bring out… Read more »

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  • outdoor photography ideas

    If you’ve ever been on a wilderness expedition, you know the unspoiled beauty and the solitude you have while in your canoe, at your campsite, or hiking the trails — and the magnificent photo opportunities. This wilderness photography course will give you the tools you need to capture those great shots, as well as ideas for different perspectives and techniques that can give you an alternate view of your subject.

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  • Shooting in and Around Water

    Learn some tips for shooting in and around water while on a wilderness photography expedition. Layne Kennedy shares tips for composing interesting shots of water scenes.

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  • Things You Might Pass By

    When trekking out in the wilderness, it’s always a good idea to stay aware of your surroundings. You never know what interesting subjects you’ll find that you might normally pass by.

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