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  • 7:59

    Two Ways to Use Masks in Photoshop

    What exactly is Photoshop masking? The masking process involves creating layers and then using Photoshop tools to conceal or reveal certain parts of each layer. You photograph the same exact scene, each image with a different exposure, and then you merge the two layers for a final balanced image. In this premium video, professional nature…

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  • 3:53

    How to Use the Crop Tool the Right Way

    Often you find yourself framing a photograph larger than you’d intended, or after examination you find the digital file is off center. In this video, How to Use the Crop Tool the Right Way, professional nature photographer David Johnston gives you tips on how to use the crop tool to achieve the ideal composition. David…

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  • 7:51

    How to Use Lightroom Lens Correction

    On your outdoor field trips, you’ve been capturing some quality images, but sometimes they look distorted. In this premium video lesson, professional nature photographer David Johnston takes you into his studio for tips on Lightroom lens correction. In using a wide angle lens for your landscape images, it sometimes distorts the edges, which tend to…

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  • 4:08

    Working in Nature: Ethical Principles

    In the last decade or so, the sale of digital cameras has exploded. Many more photographers are accessing public land to capture its natural beauty. In this video, Nature’s First Principles, professional outdoor photographer David Johnston reminds you of your ethical responsibilities when working in nature with your camera. David shares with you his basic…

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  • 10:11

    5 Compositions for Amazing Landscape Photography

    Professional outdoor photographer David Johnston is a firm believer that the best way to improve your landscape photography is through working on your composition. Composition is the organization of subjects within your frame to create a compelling photograph. It’s easy to walk up to a landscape and take a photo, but it’s difficult to use…

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  • 2:51

    Shooting in the Rain

    What is the first thing you are tempted to do when you are outside and it starts to rain? Most people would answer that they would make a mad dash to their car and go back home! Not us. We are outdoor photographers and there is actually a lot of photography potential when rain starts…

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  • 7:27

    How to Photograph Unpredictable Subjects

    In this video, professional outdoor photographer David Johnston leads the Outdoor Photography Guide photo tour in Kenya, Africa where he shares his principles on how to photograph unpredictable subjects. Tigers, zebras, hyenas, hippos, rhinos and elephants move at their own pace, running at you or away from you or just resting. You need to be…

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  • 5:46

    Where to Focus for the Best Wildlife Photos

    Do you love wildlife photos? Are you often out in the field photographing wildlife? Are you satisfied with your own photos? In this premium video, professional outdoor photographer David Johnston takes you on the Outdoor Photography Guide photo tour in Kenya, Africa for tips on how to improve your wildlife photography. You will learn where…

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  • 1:08

    How to Photograph Songbirds – Course Preview

    To photograph songbirds, you need to understand their behavior. In this video series , professional bird photographers Doug Gardner and Gary Carter hunker down in Gary’s North Carolina bird sanctuary and show you how they go about capturing images of cardinals, woodpeckers, pine warblers, woodpeckers, bluebirds, and more in this beautiful environment for songbirds. Gary…

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  • 3:24

    5 Best Places for Photography in the Southeastern United States

    If you are a dedicated outdoor photographer, you’ve probably been to many famous locations like national parks, forests, and monuments to capture your images. Professional outdoor photographer David Johnston has visited the great sites all over the United States. In this video, he takes you on a tour of his favorite region, the southeast, and…

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  • 1:24

    Visual Artistry – Course Preview

    Visual artistry in contemporary photography involves creative images enhanced through editing software. In this photography tutorial series, professional photographer and editor Tony Sweet takes you to Charleston, South Carolina for some amazing visual artistry. You will visit the tree boneyard on Edisto Island, street scenes in historic downtown Charleston, the woods in Battery Park, the…

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  • 13:18

    Using Long Exposure to Photograph Water

    The long exposure technique can yield a memorable photograph, especially when flowing waters are included in the frame. In this video, professional photographer and editor Tony Sweet takes you to Edisto Island along the South Carolina coastline for tips on capturing dramatic images through the long exposure. You will learn how to shoot multi-second exposures,…

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  • 0:45

    Beauty in Ruins – Course Preview

    Ruins provide an endless supply of inspiration for photographers. In this series of videos, pro shooter Kylee Leonetti takes you to industrial wastelands and abandoned farms for tips on capturing creative images in ruins. She takes you to a deserted train depot, a former military base, the outbuildings of a dying farm, and even an…

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  • 5:06

    Abandoned Photography: The Basics

    Do you like abandoned photography, shooting old buildings and ruins? In this video, pro photographer Kylee Leonetti gives you tips on where to find the best locations. To get started, Kylee suggests going online and searching for keywords, Abandoned Photography, Urban Explorers, or Shooting Ruins. Next, you will want to drive around with a map…

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  • 3:46

    What to Bring When Shooting Abandoned Locations

    When shooting in ruins, it’s important to know what to bring. In this video, pro photographer Kylee Leonetti will show you the ideal gear package. She suggests bringing a backpack and a shoulder bag for versatility. In your location gear bag, you should carry your camera body and a backup. For camera lenses, Kylee favors…

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  • 4:23

    Adding Texture in Photography

    On your outdoor field trips, you’ve been capturing some nice images of landscapes. Yet when you view the files on your computer, you notice that the overall patina is kind of flat. In this video, How to Add Texture to Your Outdoor Photography, professional nature photographer David Johnston takes you into the editing studio for…

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  • 2:57

    Photography with the 28-200 Lens

    Professional photographer Ian Plant travels to the Badlands of South Dakota to test out Tamrons 28-200mm lens for Sony E Mount digital cameras. He puts the lens to the test in a variety of challenging situations. Ian uses the Tamron 28-200mm lens to photograph fleeting light on distant landscape features, as well as a comet…

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  • 6:23

    Photography with the Tamron 17-28 Lens

    Whenever I’m looking for a new lens for outdoor photography, I try to think about three main things. What is the cost of the lens compared to other competitors? Will it help me take better photos than I already do? Is it more advanced than my current lens selection? When I started to use the…

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