• 10:00

    How to Create a Double Panorama

    When you venture into a magnificent outdoor panorama, you might find it difficult to capture the true vista. One wide angle image rarely does the job. Come along with Outdoor Photography Guide’s pro photographer David Johnston as he shows you the world of panoramic landscape photography. In Death Valley National Park, David discovers an ideal…

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  • 4:13

    Fine Art Printing

    You’re a landscape photographer, and you’ve captured, retouched and edited a superb image. Now you want to move into fine art printing and create a lasting print. What’s the best way to go about fine art printing? In this free video lesson, Outdoor Photography Guide’s pro photographer Paul Thomson discusses quality printing and offers you…

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  • 7:33

    Using Used Camera Gear from MPB

    Some of your favorite outdoor images are captured in autumn when nature’s colors are showing off, enhanced with fog, frost, and golden light. To achieve stunning photographs, you need affordable quality camera gear for your autumn shoots. In this video lesson, Outdoor Photography Guide’s professional photographer Paul Thomson takes you to a local woodland in…

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  • 3:19

    The Tripod Hack for Lower Perspectives

    You’re a dedicated outdoor photographer, and you’ve learned that the tripod is your best friend. However, when it comes to intricate macro shots requiring you to go low to the ground, the tripod isn’t too friendly. What you might need is the tripod hack. In this video lesson, Outdoor Photography Guide’s professional nature photographer David…

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  • 9:18

    Shooting Waterfalls from MPB

    Many outdoor photographers love shooting waterfalls. But to capture a stunning waterfall image takes practice. In this video lesson OPG’s pro photographer David Johnston visits his favorite waterfalls in Tennessee and gives you tips and suggestions on shooting waterfalls. To get complete coverage in shooting waterfalls, David experiments with a variety of compositions and lenses.…

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  • 25:11

    An Interview With Nature Pro Photographer Alyce Bender: Sponsored by Tamron

    You are a dedicated nature photographer, and you spend lots of time outdoors. You are always looking to improve. In this video, sponsored by Tamron Lenses, outdoor photographer David Johnston reverses positions and interviews an accomplished young nature photographer, Alyce Bender of A Bender Photography in San Antonio, Texas. Alyce takes you through her creative…

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  • 2:54

    How to Create Sun Star Photography

    You love shooting scenic landscapes, but you are starting to see some sameness in your compositions. Time to try something new. In this free video, professional nature photographer David Johnston takes you through the process of sun star photography. You will be amazed at what adding sun stars can do for your compositions. In landscape…

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  • 3:44

    One Step to Simplify Photo Composition

    Have you ever asked yourself, “Why can’t my photo composition look like the professional’s who photographed this same area?” In this free video lesson, Outdoor Photography Guide’s professional photographer David Johnston narrows the focus of photo composition to help you understand how to capture better images. One of the fastest ways to get better images…

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  • 6:53

    Tamron 70-300 – SPONSORED

    As outdoor photographers, we are always on a quest to find the best lenses that fit our needs and vision for our photography. My goal has always been high quality paired with smaller size and lighter weight. The Tamron 70-300 f/4.5-6.3 promised to check every one of those boxes, so I was excited to try…

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