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An Interview With Nature Pro Photographer Alyce Bender: Sponsored by Tamron

David Johnston
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Duration:   25  mins

You are a dedicated nature photographer, and you spend lots of time outdoors. You are always looking to improve. In this video, sponsored by Tamron Lenses, outdoor photographer David Johnston reverses positions and interviews an accomplished young nature photographer, Alyce Bender of A Bender Photography in San Antonio, Texas. Alyce takes you through her creative process of capturing spectacular outdoor images.

Alyce started her creative life in 2013 and turned pro in 2019. In those six years, she ran the gamut from landscape to wildlife using a wide variety of Tamron lenses. Her technique involves patience. When she encounters a potential photograph, she pauses and looks for what draws her attention. Only then does select the best lens to capture what she sees. Alyce carries five Tamron lenses in her bag at all times. For landscapes, she generally uses the Tamron 10-24mm lens and the Tamron 18-400mm lens. For wildlife, she favors the Tamron 100-400 lens and the big Tamron 150-600mm zoom lens.

For wildflowers, Alyce captures wide angle views or goes closeup with her Tamron 90mm macro lens. She sometimes remains in the same location and focuses her telephoto on various subjects. If you settle into a good location, she strongly suggests taking your time to capture all the shots you see. David Johnston suggests two approaches to outdoor photography. The first is to go hunting for an iconic location. The second is to arrive at a scene and wait for something to happen, the ideal lighting, the appearance of wildlife. Alyce likes to work a general area for a full day and then move onto another area the next day. She says you can’t cover Yosemite or the Grand Canyon in only a day.

The one question Alyce gets the most from other photographers is how she goes about pre-visualizing wildlife. She looks for the action, how a wild animal moves, mates, eats, flies or fleas. Wildlife doesn’t cooperate. You have to photograph what the animals allow you.

Join Outdoor Photography Guide’s professional photographer David Johnston as he interviews nature photographer Alyce Bender of A Bender Photography. You will learn new ideas and also view many amazing images from her outdoor field trips. Alyce exclusively uses Tamron lenses.

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