Trip Report: Great Sand Dunes National Park

I believe that photographers should have a great idea of the shots that they want to take when they travel to a new location. I’m not talking about vague, general ideas about the shots you want to walk away with and add to your portfolio. I’m talking about very exact details of photographs that you… Read more »

Trip Report: Into the Deep

The Marble Caves of Lago General Carrera – I had to see them in person to believe their surreal beauty. Getting there however, was another story. After 30 hours of flying, I waited in the small airport of Coyhaique, Chile, with hope that my guide showed up. I was so relieved when a woman called… Read more »

Trip Report: Badlands National Park

Rising from the monotonous and seemingly endless grasslands of the Great Plains, Badlands National Park in South Dakota contains sharply eroded formations carved out of multi-colored sedimentary rock layers. Water has left its mark on the soft clay, resulting in miles upon miles of rock spires, deep canyons, and beautiful cracked mud. This fractured landscape… Read more »

Trip Report: California’s Eastern Sierra in Autumn

Sunlit Aspens Last autumn, we headed west in our Airstream camping trailer with the goal of being in Yosemite National Park for two weeks, only stopping on the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains because a great wild camping spot aligned with our travel schedule. As a Colorado-based landscape photographer, I have a lot… Read more »

Trip Report: Nyiragongo Volcano, Virunga National Park, Congo

Mount Nyiragongo, located in Virunga National Park with the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is an active stratovolcano that has erupted at least 34 times since 1882. The most recent major eruption of the volcano occurred in 2002, destroying 4,500 buildings, displacing 400,000 people, and causing 147 casualties. The primary draw of Nyiragongo is the… Read more »

Trip Report: Ijen Volcano in Indonesia

While visiting Indonesia, I spent two nights photographing the sulfur mine of Ijen Volcano. Although the experience was a grueling one for me, it doesn’t even begin to compare to the challenging life led by the miners of Ijen, recognized as one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Every night, the miners climb… Read more »

Return to Argentina’s Puna de Atacama

I recently returned to photograph Argentina’s Puna de Atacama region, a high desert plateau located in a remote corner of northern Argentina, adjacent to Chile’s Atacama Desert. I previously wrote about Argentina’s Puna region for Outdoor Photography Guide. This year I was leading a photo tour for Epic Destinations, and the stunning scenery of the… Read more »

Komodo Islands

Trip Report: Komodo Islands, Indonesia

During my recent trip to Indonesia, I spent three days cruising through the superlative Komodo Islands. Best known as the home of Komodo dragons, the Komodo Islands also offer world-class diving and snorkeling and feature stunning landscapes. My three short days in this tropical paradise certainly weren’t enough. Most people who visit the Komodos go… Read more »