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Fujiflex Acrylic Prints - 2023 Product Showcase

David Johnston
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Duration:   6  mins

If you are a serious photographer, you like to talk about camera gear, but what about prints? What do your carefully composed images look like when they are printed? That depends on the method of printing. Outdoor Photography Guide’s professional shooter David Johnston suggests you try Fujiflex Acrylic Prints. In this sponsored video, Fujiflex Acrylic Prints, David analyzes this popular print format and shares some prints of his own.

Fujiflex Acrylic Prints are vibrant, vivid prints on Fujiflex Crystal Archive photographic paper face-mounted to plexiglass. There are many size choices, from 8×8 to 45×93, and including custom sizes. The surface is made of Fujiflex Crystal Archive Acrylic, with 1/4 and 1/8 inch thicknesses. The backing is also important. You can even choose Dibond®, the industry’s leading aluminum composite material. It is comprised of two pre-painted sheets of . 012″ (. 30mm) aluminum with a solid polyethylene core. Known as the flattest sheet on the market, this material is ideal for digital printing.

Fujiflex Acrylic Prints offer longevity by keeping your print sealed inside. The prints resist humidity, moisture, ultraviolet (UV) light, dust and abrasions. Acrylic-mounted photos are also durable enough to display your images in harsher environments including the outdoors. They’re also ideal for photographers who move frequently or who display their prints in art galleries. How are these amazing prints mounted? They come with the mounting system on the back including the taped hardware for easy assembly.

David Johnston likens the Fujiflex Acrylic process to lifting an image from your computer screen and placing it on a print. The colors and dynamic range are nearly perfect. He shows you examples of Fujiflex Acrylic Prints with his own fine arts photos: trees covered in frost, a golden and blue scenic of a mountain range, a huge print of a mountain valley panorama in Zion National Park. The prints hum with contrast, clarity and color. He gets his Fujiflex Acrylic Prints made at Bay Photo for the exceptional quality and care, even in the packaging.

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