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Skylum Software – Luminar 4 Review

There are two halves to outdoor photography. The first half is the action behind the photograph. We spend countless hours researching, scouting, and photographing incredible locations. That’s the half where we sleep outside, wake up early, and sit in freezing temperatures waiting on the perfect moment to press the shutter. Read More

Wildlife Photo Contest

Welcome to the Outdoor Photography Guide Wildlife Photo Contest! We invite you to submit your best wildlife photography. One contest winner will be awarded the prize package pictured above. Limit of one entry per person/email address. Wildlife photos only. Do not include recognizable people in your submission. Submissions will be judged based on: relevancy to the theme, photo quality, composition, sharpness, popularity based on votes. Only one vote is permitted per person/email account during the contest entry period. Read More

Living Beyond Travel Photography

Recently, I made a drastic life change that allowed me to completely re-evaluate my thoughts and practice of travel photography. I moved from Nashville, Tennessee to one of the most rural areas of the poorest country in the western hemisphere, Haiti. Normally when you think about travel… Read More

Product Review: Haida Filters

I’ve been an outdoor photographer for ten years now, and I’ve never used filters in my in-field workflow (apart from circular polarizers for waterfall photography). In fact, I would actively discourage photographers I taught from using neutral density (ND) and graduated neutral density filters. The reason for this is simple:… Read More

Add Place For Better Outdoor Travel Photos

Last year, I dove deep into the world of outdoor travel photography. I reduced my camera equipment to a mirrorless micro 4/3 camera, a wide-angle lens, and a 70-200 lens and hopped on a place. During those twelve months, I hit the streets of Haiti, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Netherlands,… Read More

What Settings Should I Use For Night Photography?

Photography has an extremely interesting progression of learning attached to it. If you’re anything like most photography enthusiasts, you probably started out shooting during bright sunlit hours while avoiding clouds and the corners of the day. Then, you began wondering why your photographs lacked dynamic range and interesting color. Read More

How to Create Windows to the Outdoors

In the artform of outdoor photography, you have many options to choose from in terms of composition. You can create wild foreground features, or use leading lines to direct the viewer’s eyes around the frame. However, photographers should be striving to get beyond the expected shooting techniques and… Read More