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Mavic 2 Pro

David Johnston
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You may have thought about buying used photography equipment online but are worried you will get damaged products. Or have you tried selling your used camera gear? To alleviate your fears you might want to try MPB, where vast amounts of used camera gear are bought and sold each week. By way of example, in this video, Outdoor Photography Guide’s professional shooter David Johnston tries out a used DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone and shows how it comes renewed and packaged.

The Mavic 2 Pro drone comes in the original, almost new box. How can this work? Because the buyback policies are strict. You are assured you aren’t purchasing a damaged product. Inside the box, David finds the parts packaged as if buying the product new – the drone, the controller, the cords and cables. Even the propellers of the Mavic 2 Pro have been cleaned. And the Mavic instruction book is packed in its own original box.

Consequently, David gets a top quality product because the Mavic 2 Pro sits atop the drone market. 31 minutes of flight time, 47 miles per hour, the highest resolution, and a quiet motor. When David flies a drone, he doesn’t like to be disturbed. Later on, if David wants to sell this drone, he can send it back and trade up for a later model. The company operates under a flexible trade-in policy. The whole approach is designed to save you money because camera gear can be expensive. David also has high praise for the customer service.

In this video lesson Outdoor Photography Guide’s David Johnston discusses the features and advantages of buying and selling used gear. As an example, he shows you the Mavic 2 Pro drone he purchased from the best used equipment dealer in America. You may want to go this route when seeking new equipment or trading your old gear.

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