David Johnston

OM SYSTEM OM-5 Mirrorless Camera

David Johnston
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Duration:   6  mins

If you are an outdoor enthusiast your old, heavy digital camera might seem like a burden to carry. In this sponsored video, Outdoor Photography Guide’s David Johnston shows you the features and benefits of the lightweight OM-5 Mirrorless Camera.

Small and light, the OM-5 is the ideal camera for mountain bikers, backpackers and trail walkers. The camera will fit snugly into your bag, and it has an ideal IP53 weather rating and will function in the mist and rain.

What about lens options? The OM-5 will accommodate the 12-45mm, 1.4 lens, the 20mm wide angle, and the small telephoto. And you don’t need a tripod. David photographs a pond, going handheld at a 2 second exposure. Built into the OM-5 are the options of HDR, Hi-Res, and also a neutral density filter.

Hiking through the woods, David captures beautiful images with this small functional OM-5 camera.

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