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OM System OM-1

David Johnston
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Duration:   7  mins

You are in the market for a new camera, and you shop around, visit camera stores, online camera reviews, and photography blogs, but the process leaves you overwhelmed. Information overload. You say to yourself, “But what about me?” What is the right camera for me? In this sponsored video, Outdoor Photography Guide’s David Johnston shares his impressions of the Olympus System OM-1 camera he has been testing for months.

David likes that Olympus has gone retro by creating the OM System OM-1 that works so well in versatile situations. If you are an outdoor photographer, you deal with wind, rain, and snow. Your camera can get damaged. The OM System OM-1 can handle rough wear and tear. It has some of the best weather sealing reports on the market.

David has taken his OM System OM-1 to the ocean beach, across sand dunes, near waterfalls, and into the woods. Under these conditions, the camera held up very well. Another feature he likes is the big viewfinder and also the large LCD screen that rotates and also acts as a protective cover. Then there are the easily readable top buttons.

If you use a tripod, the camera quickly slips on and off. For handheld photography, the hand grip on the OM System OM-1 is the most comfortable he has used. The sensor size is micro 4/3rds, not full frame, but the image resolution is superb, allowing for large prints. David’s favorite feature is the custom function that eliminates the use of a tripod. You can actually handhold long exposures and get sharpness. Everything about the OM System OM-1 is for the benefit of the user.

In this sponsored video, Outdoor Photography Guide’s pro David Johnston introduces a highly functional new Olympus camera with the versatile features that just might suit your needs.

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