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OM System OM1 90mm Macro

David Johnston
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Duration:   8  mins

When you think about macro photography, you picture a sharply focused subject centered in the frame, for instance, a red rose. The background falls off into a blurring effect. David insists that the background is just as important because it makes the subject stand out. In this sponsored video Outdoor Photography Guide pro photographer David Johnston shows you how and why backgrounds matter. This OM 90mm Macro lens is small and lightweight, ideal for carrying when you are doing outdoor photography. It can add dramatic elements in macro photography.

To demonstrate the quality of the OM System OMI with the OM 90mm Macro Lens, David hikes into a field of dazzling green ferns. To set up his shot, he comes in low and singles out a green fern frond. This approach blurs the background to fade into a soft but solid green wash. This approach to macro lens backgrounds creates solid colors similar in color to the main subject. Another design approach is to create a background that contrasts with the main subject. David focuses on rich green ferns with autumn leaves as the red, brown and yellow background in deep soft focus.

The advantage of the OM System OM1 with the OM 90mm Macro lens is the size. It is so small that you can get down into your small scene. This improves your ability to maneuver. You don’t even need a tripod. The goal in macro photography is to create the maximum amount of depth. Because it is lightweight, the OM System OM1 allows you to do this. In other words, the closer you are to your subject, the more background blurring will occur. The OM System OM1 flip out viewing screen gives you another option.

In this sponsored video Outdoor Photography Guide pro photographer David Johnston shows you the features, advantages and benefits of this lightweight camera system and why backgrounds are important in macro photography.

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