Show Us Your Macro Photography

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36 Responses to “Show Us Your Macro Photography”

  1. BRUCE

    Beautifully detailed and composed. It seems you kept wonderful color from the rose. Each droplet is a crystal ball. Very nice.

  2. Peter Waddell
    Peter Waddell

    I am an amateur photographer that want to improve my skills. I would like to get to professional status.

  3. Scott

    I have always wanted to get a shot of these seeds so I had a chance one Sunday morning the light was hitting them just right.

  4. furlong.keith

    I love macro photography and especially of plants and bees. Because of lockdown most of my photographs have been taken in my own back garden, which I have really enjoyed. I am really impressed with the macro photographs on show. Brilliant.

  5. Len Romanick
    Len Romanick

    I feel that proper identification of subjects is important in nature photography, especially macro. I work hard at this but still make mistakes! This is not a bee, but a long-legged fly. A quick tell is the size and placement of the eyes and especially the very small non-segmented antennae.

  6. Elena Nasyrova
    Elena Nasyrova

    I’m currently in a learning mode as a photographer but I definitely want to be a professional.

  7. Diana W Hayes
    Diana W Hayes

    A recurring theme of mine in macro is the contrast of delicate blooms against hard stone wherever found.

  8. Diana W Hayes
    Diana W Hayes

    Please excuse the 2 typos. The period after ‘my own’ should not be and bloom needs and ‘s’.

  9. NANCY

    This beautiful flower grows on a vine that is attached to my parents mailbox. I happened to glance down one day at one of the flowers and this colorful beetle bug was on it.