Dave Welling

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Using Different Lenses to Capture Different Perspectives of Natural Landscapes

You’ve discovered a great landscape, the light is perfect and you know which elements to include in your composition. To select the right lens to create the perfect image you need to understand how different focal lengths affect viewing perspective. How will different focal length lenses affect the angle of view and the depth of…

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Blur-Panning for Action Photos

Wild animal subjects often offer the best opportunities for dynamic, interesting images around sunrise or sunset when the light level is low. This low-angled light can be stunning but it does present a challenge. What settings do you use to capture sharp images under these low light conditions? It becomes even more of a challenge…

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Fill-Flash for Wildlife Photography

You may see articles on wildlife photography (including mine) mention “fill-flash” when discussing technique and how to improve your wildlife images. If it sounds a little mystifying to you, don’t worry. It’s not that complex, especially today with the tremendous interactive metering capabilities of the newer cameras and dedicated flashes. Before we get to the…

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Creating Great Wildlife Portrait Images

Portrait photography is not just about people, it can apply to wildlife subjects as well. Proper technique and subject knowledge is equally important in capturing great images of wild animals. First and foremost, know your subject: its behavior, fright/flight distance, how dangerous it is and when to back off if you are disturbing the animal…

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