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The Importance of Photographing Clouds for Outdoor Photography

Whenever you include the sky in your photos, chances are your compositions will look better if there are clouds—the right kind of clouds, that is. Photographing clouds is really important for landscape photography in particular, but I find the presence of clouds to be useful with other types of outdoor photography as well. Look for…

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How to Use Leading Lines to Create Compelling Landscape Photos

Leading lines are vertical, horizontal, or diagonal lines that attract a viewer’s attention and lead the eye to critical areas in your image. Leading lines are an effective tool for landscape photographers looking to create depth in their photos, and to draw the viewer deeper into the scene. For the image below, I used a…

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5 Ways to Tell a Story with Your Wildlife Photos

Make every picture worth a thousand words! Successful wildlife photography requires much more than just getting technically perfect photos of animals striking interesting poses. Instead, the wildlife photographer must strive to capture his or her subjects within the broader context of the environment by telling a story. Light, color, motion, composition, and the magic of…

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Fixes for Common Camera Failures

It happens all too often—some random error message starts blinking incessantly on your screen, or worse yet, your camera simply locks up and refuses to do anything at all. Digital cameras are amazing pieces of technology, but even the best system is prone to mechanical or electrical malfunction from time to time. What can you…

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