Show Us Your Wildlife Photography

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46 Responses to “Show Us Your Wildlife Photography”

  1. Gordon W Padley

    Sea Gull paddling in the lake. regular settings taking in Timmins Ontario, gillies lake.

  2. Joseph

    I am an amateur / hobbyist photographer and I have learned quite abit, however I have much to learn. Feedback is appreciated. Thanks.

  3. Philip Morris

    This Robin had been watching me for days while gardening then he decided to be my freind.

  4. carol361

    I had to take my photos during Evey kind of light. I was very happy with this one, you can see the water droplets on his whiskers and a fly buzzing about

  5. Pat Allardyce

    “Excuse me I’m bathing”! ” Hmm, wonder where Mom is?” I’m sure I wondered where she is more then this little black bear cub did!!!
    Taken at Waterton Park, Alberta


    he was hungry. Second one he had, taken in a zoo park, the hippo wasn’t interested but the little guy was.

  7. Clifford J Park

    I am just an amateur photographer that loves to go out into the local countryside and capture the local wildlife.

  8. Brent Johnson

    This was taken at Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma on a Nikon D3300 1/400,f7.6, and ISO-400.

  9. ctaycats

    I’m an amateur photographer and I’m loving all that the mountains of West Virginia have to offer this summer. I am learning something new everyday. Feedback is appreciated. Thanks.

  10. Kenn West

    She was on a higher branch and I asked her to move closer and she did.