Advanced Lightroom Techniques for Outdoor Photography

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In outdoor photography, there is a belief called the 50/50 rule. It states that 50% of your work is done in the field taking the photograph and the other 50% is enhancing that image in the digital darkroom.

In this class, we are going to be looking at the advanced techniques that you can achieve in Lightroom to perfect your outdoor photography.

Now, there are definitely basic edits you can make and tools you can use for your photographs. However, the advanced tools are both the dynamic and subtle edits you can use to take your images to the next level. In fact, since it has been created, Lightroom has continued to add editing tools you can use for your photography that are more and more advanced.

In this class, your instructor David Johnston will show you how to use these tools specifically for outdoor photography. That means you’ll go through various scenarios like black and white photos, wildlife, and landscapes to show you the right way to use the advanced tools in Lightroom.

In addition to the detailed video instruction you’ll receive, this class will provide you with a few downloadable PDF resources, including a class guide that you can follow and use as a reminder of the key points of this class instruction, and a downloadable supplement to help you identify and understand tones and histograms for your photographs.

After watching this class, you’ll be able to take your outdoor photography to the next level with advanced tools in Lightroom.

Bonus materials available after purchase

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