David Johnston

Adventure Photography

David Johnston
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Adventure Photography
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In this session, we’ll go over the similarities and differences of classic outdoor shooting styles and adventure photography. We will focus greatly on how to adjust to the fast pace of adventure shooting.

Adventure photography is great when you start to incorporate the gear you rely on in harsh conditions into your shots. We will also cover how to shoot documentary style for better storytelling photos.

With an emphasis on speed, adventure photographers need to have fast access to their camera and lenses. In this session, you’ll see how to get faster access to your camera to capture amazing moments.

In this final session, you’ll learn some techniques on how you can make your adventure photography even better through editing with Lightroom.

4 Lessons
1  hrs 7  mins

Have you ever thought about the fact that photographers love to share photographs of the final destination, but they love to tell stories about the journey they took to get the final shot?

Adventure photography is the style of photography you can shoot to incorporate visual representations of the journeys you take. However, you can’t simply shoot the classic outdoor scene and put a person in your frame. There are very specific techniques photographers should learn to shoot adventure photography.

Your instructor for this class, David Johnston, will provide you with tips and insights on the following aspects of adventure photography:

  • The similarities of landscapes and adventure photography
  • The differences of landscapes and adventure photography
  • How to compose an adventure shot
  • Including your gear in photographs
  • How to access your camera faster to freeze a moment in time
  • The gear you need for adventure photography
  • Lighting of adventure photography
  • How to edit your adventure photography
  • Your adventure photography subject placement


The most important thing to learn to start shooting successful adventure photographs is your subject placement. This is clearly evident when you study images shot by accomplished adventure photographers vs. those without experience. After figuring out subject placement tricks, your adventure photographs will drastically improve!


Speed is a huge factor of adventure photography. Classic outdoor photos involve a lot of waiting around for the right conditions. Adventure photography is full of fast-paced moments that are gone in the blink of an eye. Capturing those moments is imperative to a great adventure shot.

In addition to the detailed video help you’ll receive, this class provides you with a downloadable class guide that was designed to complement the topics you’ll explore so you can take notes as we examine adventure photography.

EXPERIENCE LEVEL: Beginner to Intermediate

David Johnston

David Johnston is a professional outdoor photographer located in the beautiful state of Tennessee. He is most familiar with photographing older mountain landscapes of the Appalachian Mountains, and occasionally ventures into other locations around the world to capture amazing outdoor scenes. David began his passion of photography in high school where he learned to photograph with film cameras and develop his own prints in the darkroom. However, after college he switched to digital photography and began his business photographing the outdoors as well as teaching people how to improve their skills in outdoor photography. When David isn’t traveling and taking photos, he’s just like you! He enjoys lounging on the couch, watching sports, and spending time with his wife and friends.

David Johnston

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