David Johnston

Next Level Compositions

David Johnston
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Next Level Compositions
  • In-depth Instruction; over 68 mins
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Circles and lines can be a great way to frame your entire photograph and they can be very simple to stack in a photograph. You’ll discover the uses of circles and lines and how to see them in your frame.
In this session, you’ll learn all about the uses of rectangles and triangles in a composition. You’ll also learn how to combine multiple shapes in a composition to reveal a multi-shape image.
After you are able to notice your shapes in a composition, you can start to get really creative with them. Stacking shapes with repetition, shooting through shapes, and using split-screens take creativity higher. In this session you’ll learn how to use them.
In this final session, we’ll go in the field, to Ozone Falls, and work our way around the waterfall to see different uses of shapes and next level techniques.
4 Lessons
1  hrs 8  mins

Composition is the one thing in photography education that you can continue to learn more about and improve upon, no matter what your experience level.

However, many photographers figure out the basics of outdoor photography composition and stop there. There is more to learn about mastering outdoor compositions than just the essential core techniques. If you truly want to dominate the composition game, you need to learn the next level compositions.

In this class, led by your instructor David Johnston, you’ll learn:

  • How to use lines in compositions
  • How to use rectangles in compositions
  • How to use triangles in compositions
  • How to use circles in compositions
  • How to use multiple shapes together
  • All about repetition
  • Shooting through natural windows
  • Perspectives and shapes
  • Working a landscape
  • Split-Screens


When you are first starting out in photography, you may notice that you can see a great composition but you don’t know why it’s great. That’s because you’re seeing the shapes in the frame but not recognizing the spaces they cover. After learning about shapes, you’ll be able to notice them in an outdoor scene and piece them together.


Repetition is so important to outdoor photography because it is a naturally pleasing visual effect. In this class, you’ll learn techniques of using repetition properly to create stunning compositions.

In addition to the detailed video instruction you’ll receive, this class provides you with a downloadable class guide that was designed to complement the topics you’ll explore so you can take notes as we examine next level compositions.


David Johnston

David Johnston is a professional outdoor photographer located in the beautiful state of Tennessee. He is most familiar with photographing older mountain landscapes of the Appalachian Mountains, and occasionally ventures into other locations around the world to capture amazing outdoor scenes. David began his passion of photography in high school where he learned to photograph with film cameras and develop his own prints in the darkroom. However, after college he switched to digital photography and began his business photographing the outdoors as well as teaching people how to improve their skills in outdoor photography. When David isn’t traveling and taking photos, he’s just like you! He enjoys lounging on the couch, watching sports, and spending time with his wife and friends.

David Johnston

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