David Johnston

Time-Lapse Photography

David Johnston
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Time-Lapse Photography
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In this first session, you’ll learn all about the basics of time-lapse photography including specific definitions, techniques, and the math that will help you shoot the time-lapse you envision correctly the first try.
Learn to shoot a time-lapse with the gear you already have in your bag! You’ll also learn how to compose a great time-lapse sequence.
You can also create time-lapse sequences that move. Learn how to plan for moving subjects within your frame and how to plan for camera movement as well.
In this session, we’ll go in the field with a slider so you can learn how to use some advanced time-lapse gear correctly for epic shots!
4 Lessons
1  hrs 8  mins

There’s no doubt that still photography is great. But, there comes a time when you can take still photographs to another level by adding movement to your images.

Time-lapse photography gives you the ability to take a series of still images and show them to an audience using a fast frame rate to create amazing movement in your photography. This movement can feature changing weather, moving subjects, or shifting color tones throughout the sequence you shoot.

The added element of movement begs the question of how different is time-lapse photography than your typical still photo? In this class you’ll learn:

  • All about time-lapse photography math
  • Factors that can alter a time-lapse
  • Creating a compelling time-lapse composition
  • Gear and tools needed to shoot time-lapse
  • How to shoot still time-lapse sequences
  • All about slider technology
  • How to use a slider in the field
  • Interesting weather that creates great time-lapse sequences
  • How to factor in subject movement
  • Different situations to shoot time-lapse in


You probably didn’t think you’d need to learn any more math after high school or college right? Well, there is some math that goes into shooting a time-lapse. In this class, you’ll learn how to calculate the length of time a time-lapse will take, the number of images you need, the storage space you’ll need for the images, and more!


Whether you’re shooting a still time-lapse on a tripod or if you’re using a slider, you need to know how to factor in the movement of your subjects over a long period of time. Clouds and color don’t stay in place over an hour, so you need to know how to manage shifting subjects in the frame!

In addition to the detailed video instruction you’ll receive, this class provides you with a downloadable class guide that was designed to complement the topics you’ll explore so you can take notes as we examine time-lapse photography.


David Johnston

David Johnston is a professional outdoor photographer located in the beautiful state of Tennessee. He is most familiar with photographing older mountain landscapes of the Appalachian Mountains, and occasionally ventures into other locations around the world to capture amazing outdoor scenes. David began his passion of photography in high school where he learned to photograph with film cameras and develop his own prints in the darkroom. However, after college he switched to digital photography and began his business photographing the outdoors as well as teaching people how to improve their skills in outdoor photography. When David isn’t traveling and taking photos, he’s just like you! He enjoys lounging on the couch, watching sports, and spending time with his wife and friends.

David Johnston

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