Field Dispatch: Western United States

In this field dispatch, professional photographer Ian Plant shares some of the images and stories from his recent trip through the Western U.S. He discusses the importance of building extra time and flexibility into your schedule when planning photo trips, to give you the ability to focus on areas that are especially promising.


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10 Responses to “Field Dispatch: Western United States”

  1. Bob Chapman

    After 48+ years of working as a geek in many parts of the world, I find the every expanding use of the "chip" so very interesting. After retirement, I took to learning slowly about photography. Drone photography takes us where we have never been. Can only imagine what is next. I enjoyed the video.

  2. Larry Campbell

    why do I need to leave comments

  3. Charles

    Interesting to view and compare I lived out west for a number of years and will enjoy.

  4. john12

    Hi Ian just getting into what Gold Membership provides. The videos I’ve seen confirm the benefits of travel. I am limited to local trips and have restricted mobility but I still take the cameras with me and take the opportunity to photograph whenever I can. These videos provide added inspiration. Would love to learn your approach when chosing a scene and first settings when take the camera from the bag do have a set procedure to achieve successful shots.

  5. JOHN

    Like to the videos also

  6. Barry Gaston

    I am a gold member, this is the first video I've watched from you.

  7. Jrthompso

    How can i commit have not seen it

  8. Jrthompson

    How can you commet have not seen it

  9. Jrthompson


  10. Stanley Auspitz

    Like to view ur videos.