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422 Responses to “Show Us Your Landscape Photography”

  1. Paul Grillo

    Sandhill Cranes morning liftoff on the Platte River near Grand Island Nebraska!

  2. Kenny

    Very Cool

  3. Jamie Carey

    Wow! this is a nice photo of the eclipse unfortunately I do not live in an area along the "Path of Totality" and we had quite a bit of clouds on the 8th so the eclipse was pretty short lived here we only got about 25% coverage when you could see it between the clouds where I live. Congratulations on this beautiful shot.

  4. Bob

    Love sunrises

  5. Brian Jennings

    Had to be in position in time for the alpenglow on top of the mountains - dialed in and ready to go. Then, just hoping there was no breeze that would destroy the reflection of the sunset and glow on the lake below. This is a 2-second exposure at 24mm.

  6. Ken Repasi

    Lovely image great composition.

  7. Sergio

    Specifically, this is the Bell Rock, one of the best looking red rocks in Sedona.

  8. David Wood

    Be patient.

  9. Gina Geldbach-Hall

    Very nice!

  10. Paul J Grillo

    I have basically taken this place all 4 seasons. Located near Elkader Iowa