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58 Responses to “Show Us Your Macro Photography”

  1. Charlene

    Simply beautiful!

  2. Jeff Stimler

    There is beauty all around

  3. Diana W Hayes

    When we post a comment and later note a typo—or two—or --is there a way to edit that comment?

  4. Diana W Hayes

    Found myself in a photography quandary. very little time to shoot, unusually wet weather all summer and fall with leaden skies day after day. Some gorgeous autumn days interspersed, but this were the days working on other stuff. SO, decided to get back to just walking around for short periods with the Sony 6500 or Sony a7M2 with a goal in mind. Very helpful!

  5. Russ Brayton

    Technically, this is not a Machro. I shot it with my iPhone. It had been a heavy foggy morning, hence the dew. I don’t know if the bee survived. But it was a wonderful chance to see a bee like never before.

  6. Paul

    Dodge 10 Park, Highland, Michigan.

  7. Marijke van den Heuvel

    just starting on macro photography

  8. Jean-Pierre CHARBONNEL

    I won some awards and realised several exhibitions (Tulle, Limoges, Abbeville..........)

  9. Marie-Chantal Clément

    I'm a new in the group and love maco photography mostly

  10. Marion Jean Otberg

    Love macro