OPG GOLD LIVE: Post-production Workflow in Adobe Lightroom

Join world-renowned pro photographer and Managing Editor of Outdoor Photography Guide Ian Plant in this first ever OPG GOLD webinar. This event is available to everyone as an opportunity to experience what the GOLD level membership has to offer. All future GOLD webinars will only be available to GOLD members. In this OPG GOLD LIVE webinar, Ian demonstrates his standard workflow for processing his raw photo files using Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw. He demonstrates a number of techniques he considers critical to successful image processing, and he answers questions submitted by viewers.

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One Response to “OPG GOLD LIVE: Post-production Workflow in Adobe Lightroom”

  1. Janis

    Thank you for showing me what more I can do to thoroughly use my LR. I have a LOT to learn and need to focus on learning LR instead of out photographing, lol