Video: 5 Essential Landscape Photography Tips

For outdoor photographers, practical landscape photography tips can be invaluable. In this free video, world renowned outdoor photographer Ian Plant travels to the Badlands and shows you five essential landscape photography tips to help you improve your images. The first is to look for a dramatic sky with colorful clouds. Second, you want favorable light, usually found at dawn or dusk in glowing golds, oranges, and pinks. Third is dramatic background scenery as in the case of the textured hills and buttes of western South Dakota. Fourth is a compelling foreground such as in the hills of the Badlands where the erosion patterns lead the viewer’s eye from near to far. Fifth, you want everything from near to far to be in focus, achieved through the choice of a small aperture. Join pro photographer Ian Plant for five landscape photography tips that will help you capture beautiful outdoor images no matter where you are.


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