Architecture Photography: Making Structures Shine DVD


Item: B2211R


DVD: Architecture Photography: Making Structures Shine

Architectural photography is a unique photographic art form. Buildings have so much character, whether inside or outside. This DVD will show you the best ways to capture architecture, from residential homes to buildings and skylines. Learn how to take the best architectural photos each time you venture out to use your camera. We will give you the insight on what gear you will need to get good architectural photographs. This means choosing the proper camera, lens, and other gear for the photographs you want to create. You can’t always be sure the sun will work with you to get the photograph you envision. You will learn all you need to know about lighting gear and how to use it in your architectural photography. 115 minutes.

Chapter Topics:

  • Gear: Cameras, Lenses and Accessories
  • Gear: Lighting
  • Scouting Your Locations
  • Correcting Vertical Distortion in Architecture Photography
  • Residential Exteriors: Right Place, Right Time
  • Residential Interior: Lighting and Staging
  • Commercial Exteriors: Creating a Mood
  • Photographing Skylines and Creating a Time Lapse
  • Post Production: Correcting Vertical Distortion and Blending Images
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