The Art of Adventure eBook


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eBook: The Art of Adventure

Author: David Johnston

Adventure photography is one of the newest and most vague forms of outdoor photography there is with a fusion of landscape, nature, portraits, and product photography. Just because it’s so unexplored doesn’t mean you can’t do it the right way!

This eBook dives into the realm of adventure photography to help you document your outdoor activities the best way possible and will help you construct adventure photographs that will drop everyone’s jaws.

In this book you’ll learn:

  • How to document adventure experiences
  • The gear you’ll need to snap the best adventure photos
  • Composition strategies for immediate improvement
  • How to use colors to your advantage
  • Why everything in adventure photography hinges of negative space
  • Bonus editing instruction
  • And way more!

    This eBook was specifically designed for the adventure seekers who want their journey to look as amazing as the destinations they explore. If you love the outdoors and experiencing everything nature has to offer, this eBook is for you.

    106 page Digital PDF eBook Download

    About the author: David Johnston is a professional photographer living in Nashville, Tennessee. David has been perfecting his photography process for the past seven years while teaching photography workshops and spending many days and night in the field.