Blue Ridge Parkway Celebration eBook


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eBook: Blue Ridge Parkway Celebration

A compilation from many professional photographers!

Blue Ridge Parkway Celebration was a large format “coffee table” book 10” x 13”, 214 pages in length, but is now out of print. The images you’ll enjoy in this eBook are accompanied by original essays, prose, and poetry by some of the region’s finest authors.

There are 47 contributing writers, with photography by the title author. Though not written as a photographer’s guide, the images are accompanied by captions with location information, and represent an extensive Blue Ridge Parkway portfolio spanning the 4 seasons. </

This e-Book offers an extensive visual guide to the photographic possibilities to be found not only at well-known iconic locations, but at multiple places along the 469-mile length of the Blue Ridge Parkway. While scouting the Parkway for your next outing, you can also enjoy a wealth of original literature, the likes of which are unlikely to be duplicated.

Enjoy this true photographic Celebration!

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