Glenn Bartley eBook Collection


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Bundle: Glenn Bartley eBook Collection

Take your skills to a new level with this set of 3 eBooks from Glenn Bartley. You’ll see comprehensive tips and techniques covering key aspects of your photography. Over 190 pages of know-how are in this set.

Post Processing: A Guide for Nature Photographers eBook – 87 pages

Many aspiring wildlife photographers are bogged down with their workflow. Consequently, good images that could become great images remain untouched, never getting the opportunity to live up to their full potential. This practical ebook shares techniques to improve and simplify image processing and photo management. Applications considered include Breezebrowser and Adobe Photoshop, but many of the skills and techniques taught in this book transfer to other software platforms.

Flash Simplified: A Guide for Nature Photographers eBook – 65 pages

Glenn’s ebook provides a solid foundation of how and when to use flash as a tool to create better nature photographs. Chapter 2 provides a clear understanding of the basic flash controls and their most common scenarios. Chapter 3 looks more practically at how to use flash in the field. Chapter 4 of the ebookexplores more unconventional ways to use off-camera flash and multiple flashes. Also included are appendices of useful flash accessories, FAQs, and troubleshooting tips.

Video Simplified: A Guide For Nature Photographers eBook – 39 pages

The goal of this book is to provide its readers with a solid foundation of how to shoot and edit good quality nature videos. Chapter 1 will aim to provide a clear understanding of how to record a good quality video. Chapter 2 will look at how to prepare video clips for editing. Chapters 3 and 4 will explain how to make a video template and then how to put together your first completed video. Finally, chapter 5 will describe how to share your videos effectively using YouTube.

About the Author: Glenn Bartley is a professional nature photographer from British Columbia, Canada. He focuses his efforts on capturing intimate images of birds in their natural habitat. Glenn is especially known for his portraits of rare and difficult to photograph birds from the Neotropical Region and for his portfolio of hummingbird images.