Justin Reznick 4-eBook Collection




Bundle: Justin Reznick 4-eBook Collection

With this 4-eBook bundle by Justin Reznick, you’ll not only get a remarkably comprehensive guide for landscape photography gear, but you’ll learn how to put that gear to work and enhance your creativity when photographing waterfalls and streams, as well as getting the most out of your telephoto lens for landscapes. In total, you’ll get 350 pages of detailed information.

The Complete Guide to Gear for the Landscape Photographer eBook – 185 pages

Ever been intimidated by suggestions that unless you have this expensive lens or that two-thousand dollar-plus camera body, your photographs just won’t cut it? Then, this is the book for you. In plain language, and drawing from his years of knowledge as an avid full-time photographer, Justin Reznick tells you what equipment you should be looking for to achieve your vision.

His recommendations make sense. He tells you that your camera is not the most important thing you can own, that iphone cameras have their uses, and a filter wrench can save your lens from becoming unusable. And he avoids some of the battles that equipment nerds fight over, instead giving you practical, real-world recommendations.

The Advanced Guide to Photography Waterfalls and Streams eBook – 61 pages

Images of silky smooth water captivate. Long exposures of water moving over waterfalls and down rivers draw the eye into the image and please the soul. But rarely do books delve deeply into the skill and artistry of successful water photography, showing you how it’s done, and challenging you to create those amazing shots for yourself. This does. Justin’s Reznick’s instructions build up your skills so that you too can make stunning water images. His book gives the enthusiastic beginning landscape photographer the tools for advanced mastery, and will make the advanced photographer even more successful.

Long Lens Landscapes eBook – 53 pages

Telephoto lenses are the most underutilized tool in the kit of a landscape photographer. In this eBook, Justin Reznick explores the different themes and techniques that will push your creative pursuits to new heights with long lens photography. With each new technique, Justin shares a group of sample images to illustrate each point, finally culminating in the combination of themes to make dynamic imagery. You’ll also see and learn Justin’s techniques in the world of architectural photography, as telephoto lenses can be used well beyond the world of landscapes.

Wide-Angle Landscapes eBook – 51 pages

Wide-angle lenses are the most exciting lens in a landscape photographer’s bag. In this eBook, professional photographer Justin Reznick explores the different techniques to take full advantage of the creative power of wide-angle lens photography while steering you away from the pitfalls that are commonly seen. With each new technique, Justin shares a group of sample images to illustrate each point, finally culminating in the combination of themes to make dynamic imagery. You’ll also see and learn techniques in the world of architectural photography, as wide-angle lenses can be used well beyond the world of landscapes. In addition, you’ll get a detailed shopping guide so you get the right wide-angle lens for your chosen system.

About the Author: Justin Reznick is a professional photographer from Seattle, Washington. He has explored over 70 countries in search of compelling subjects to photograph. Although he is primarily a landscape photographer, he also embraces architecture and wildlife photography. Additionally, he experiments with different techniques such as infrared and multiple exposure photography. His background and experience have led to a successful workshop business that exposes clients to inspiring locations and fascinating subjects from around the world. He teaches them the technical skills and artistic concepts necessary to forge their own unique and creative path in photography. Justin also writes instructional eBooks found on his website www.justinreznick.com.

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