National Parks: Lakes, Seashores, Islands & Caves DVD


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DVD: National Parks: Lakes, Seashores, Islands & Caves

Including Yellowstone National Park, this video tour gives you a view of America like you haven’t seen before. See our country’s unrivaled vastness in beauty — from the picturesque beaches of the Virgin Islands and the untainted blue waters of Crater Lake, Oregon, to the sub-tropic Florida Everglades and the world’s largest cave, Mammoth Cave in Kentucky.

In 120 minutes, you’ll enjoy all this:

    Yellowstone National Park
    American Samoa – Island Park located on three volcanoes, with tropical rain-forest, beaches and coral reefs.
    Virgin Islands – Hills, valleys and breathtaking beaches and on island of St. John.
    Biscayne, Florida – Aquamarine waters, emerald islands, fish-bejeweled coral reefs.
    Channel Islands, California – Five remarkable islands with animals, plants found nowhere else on earth.
    Isle Royale, Michigan – Rugged, isolated island where wolves and moose roam.
    Voyagers, Minnesota – Touch rocks half as old as the world in boreal forest.
    Crater Lake, Oregon – Lake is deep blue in color surrounded by cliffs.
    Acadia, Maine – Beautiful coastline with plants, animals and tallest mountain on east coast.
    Olympic, Washington – Mountain vistas, meadows of wildflowers, colorful ocean tide pools.
    Everglades, Florida – A sub-tropical world heritage site with species such as crocodiles.
    Hot Springs, Arkansas – Soothing thermal waters to heal and relax.
    Mesa Verde, Colorado – Look into the lives of Ancestral Pueblo and their 600 cliff dwellings.
    Dry Tortugas, Florida – 70 miles west of Key West, a 19th Century Fort with snorkel crystal color water.
    Mammoth Cave, Kentucky – The world’s largest cave with 390 miles explored.
    Wind Cave, South Dakota – Prairie grass, hillsides with bison, elk, prairie dogs & one of the world’s longest caves.
    Carlsbad Caverns, Texas – 117 known caves where sulfuric acid dissolved the limestone.
    Cuyahoga Valley, Ohio – Near Cleveland, park seems world away with native plants, wild life, deep forests.

About the Producer: DENNIS BURKHART

Dennis has not only filmed every National Park, he is the first to film all 58 parks in HD. As a young man, he served as a National Parks Interpreter. As a producer and director for Questar, PBS, Discovery Channel, NBC and the Travel Channel, he has filmed locations and cultures around the globe.

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