Photographing a Cityscape 2-DVD Set




2-DVD Set: Photographing a Cityscape

Architecture is a broad subject, everything from skyscrapers to homes, from cityscapes to farm buildings, from the vast interiors of a building to a single room in lamp light. The architectural photographer has to deal with the conditions of harsh sunlight, flat overcast, or the glowing lights of night.

In this set of DVDs, you will learn unique photo tips for framing, composition, long exposures, natural and artificial lighting. Your host also takes you through the gear you need to capture architectural photographs…cameras, lenses, flash units and supporting equipment.

So join your host as he helps you develop your own architectural photographic style to create stunning shots. 171 minutes.

Architecture Photography: Making Structures Shine – 115 minutes

Architectural photography is a unique photographic art form. Buildings have so much character, whether inside or outside. This DVD will show you the best ways to capture architecture, from residential homes to buildings and skylines. Learn how to take the best architectural photos each time you venture out to use your camera. We will give you the insight on what gear you will need to get good architectural photographs. This means choosing the proper camera, lens, and other gear for the photographs you want to create. You can’t always be sure the sun will work with you to get the photograph you envision. You will learn all you need to know about lighting gear and how to use it in your architectural photography.

Day to Night Photography – 56 minutes

You are inevitably going to stumble into scenes of bad lighting. With the right knowledge, you can transform this harsh, bad lighting into something unique and beautiful, all with a slight adjustment. Here you’ll learn everything you need to go out and capture shots no matter the light conditions. From day to night, there is always a way to capture a beautiful photograph, and you can find out the best way to get one with this DVD.

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