Street Photography Bundle




Bundle: Street Photography eBook & Video Set

Author: Ian Plant

This special multi-media bundle, from acclaimed photographer Ian Plant, includes a 95-page eBook and a related 33-minute Video Download. Together, this set will be an invaluable resource to help any photographer to gain new knowledge, inspiration, and confidence in the process of composing and capturing fantastic images of urban settings, people around town, and many other compelling scenes.

eBook – Taking it to the Streets

Street photography is the study of the human condition, relying heavily on making candid photos of people in public places and capturing stories about people and the places they live and gather.

But even more than that, street photography involves capturing ephemeral moments when subject matter, mood, composition, and light come together to create a meaningful or artistic photograph. The challenge of street photography — and its unique appeal — is finding a way to turn the mundane things we see every day into art.

In this eBook, Ian takes you to the streets on a visual journey, teaching you the fundamentals of street photography — exploring not just the technical aspects, but also the artistic philosophies that are at the core of his creative photography process. You’ll get detailed lessons related to equipment, use of light, composition, working with people, and mastery of the moment.

95 page Digital PDF eBook Download

About the Author: Ian Plant is the Managing Editor of Outdoor Photography Guide. In addition, Ian is a Tamron Image Master, a contributor to several leading publications, and he leads photo tours all over the world. He has also authored numerous educational photography eBooks, which you can find in the Outdoor Photography Guide Shop.

Video Download – Taking it to the Streets

Shooting photos on the streets is exciting. In this Video Download on street photography, Ian will help you capture memorable images.

Any place where people congregate makes great photo opportunities. Ian suggests attending fairs, festivals, holiday celebrations, and concerts, and looking for gathering spots, busy corners, bus stops, or outdoor cafes. Ian teaches you how cars, pedestrians, sidewalks, and buildings all create the visual building blocks of successful street compositions. 33 minutes.

Watch a preview of this Video Download below:

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