The Complete Guide to Gear for the Landscape Photographer eBook


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eBook: The Complete Guide to Gear for the Landscape Photographer

Author: Justin Reznick

Have you ever wanted to know what equipment you need to follow your passion for nature and landscape photography?

Ever been intimidated by suggestions that unless you have this expensive lens or that two-thousand dollar-plus camera body, your photographs just won’t cut it? Then, this is the book for you.

In plain language, and drawing from his years of knowledge as an avid full-time photographer, Justin Reznick tells you what equipment you should be looking for to achieve your vision.

His recommendations make sense. He tells you that your camera is not the most important thing you can own, that iphone cameras have their uses, and a filter wrench can save your lens from becoming unusable. And he avoids some of the battles that equipment nerds fight over, instead giving you practical, real-world recommendations.

While the latest and greatest gear won’t itself make your photographs shine, having an expert lead you through these decisions will go a long way.

The Complete Guide to Gear for the Landscape Photographer, Fourth Edition contains:

  • Reviews of lenses, accessories, headlamps, backpacks, tripods, ballheads, clothing, camera protection, photo storage, and more!
  • Explanations for what lines of camera bodies make most sense for each purpose, and discussion of likely new manufacturer developments.
  • Interviews with 20 different nature photographers (Ian Plant, Tony Sweet, Koveh Tavakkol, Jim Patterson, Miles Morgan, Bruce Omori, Antony Spencer, Jim Nilsen, Ron Coscorrosa, Sarah Marino and more) who share their secrets on what works for them on shots varying from molten lava to coastal scenes.
  • All recently updated with 20 interviews on all the latest releases in 2018!

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    About the Author: Justin Reznick is a professional photographer from Seattle, Washington. He has explored over 70 countries in search of compelling subjects to photograph. Although he is primarily a landscape photographer, he also embraces architecture and wildlife photography. Additionally, he experiments with different techniques such as infrared and multiple exposure photography. His background and experience have led to a successful workshop business that exposes clients to inspiring locations and fascinating subjects from around the world. He teaches them the technical skills and artistic concepts necessary to forge their own unique and creative path in photography. Justin also writes instructional eBooks found on his website www.justinreznick.com.