The Ultimate Outdoor Photography Collection 8-DVD Set with Camera Cleaning Kit




Bundle: The Ultimate Outdoor Photography Collection 8-DVD Set + Spudz Optics Cleaning Kit

This is the most comprehensive collection of tips, techniques, ideas and inspiration that an outdoor photographer will need. Improve your skills and success with this instruction, including over 8 hours of help.

Also, included with your purchase is a camera cleaning kit that is safe for all optics. This 12-piece kit has a value of $30 when sold separately!

This bundle includes over 8 hours of total instruction, with these DVDs and topics:

Landscapes, Landmarks and Wildlife – 75 minutes

Do you want to learn how to shoot landmarks? Or are you looking to broaden your skills and shoot herds? Join professional photographer Layne Kennedy as you learn about photographing large details in landscapes, capturing unique landscape elements, enhancing colors and creating a panoramic, photographing historical landmarks, animal portrait techniques, photographing large herds, shooting solo animal portraits, and much more.

Day to Night Photography – 56 minutes

You are inevitably going to stumble into scenes of bad lighting. With the right knowledge, you can transform this harsh, bad lighting into something unique and beautiful, all with a slight adjustment. Here you’ll learn everything you need to go out and capture shots no matter the light conditions. From day to night, there is always a way to capture a beautiful photograph, and you can find out the best way to get one with this DVD.

Composition: Finding Your Visual Flow – 49 minutes

Professional nature photographer Ian Plant will take you through an introduction to composition, the power of abstract thinking, setting the mood, powerful visual arrangements, emphasizing your subject, leading the eye, and seeing shapes. To create true art with your photos, you need to know about composition and why it’s important. Lines, curves, zigzags, triangles, circles, arcs, and spirals. They’re all types of shapes that add interest and help viewers connect emotionally with photographs, and Ian will take you through everything from lines and curves to arcs and spirals.

Photographing Waterfalls and Geometric Shapes in Nature – 47 minutes

In this DVD, professional photographer, Layne Kennedy, answers these questions as he takes you to a beautiful waterfalls and then to a nature preserve. Layne demonstrates how a slow shutter speed captures the smooth, creamy effect you see in the best waterfall photographs. With different lenses, he shows how to photograph various aspects of the waterfalls. Inside the nature preserve, Layne shows you how to capture geometric shapes and designs in trees, leaves, and wildflowers, and how to make portraits with a natural background. So put your imagination to work with photography tips you can incorporate into your own outdoor images.

Creative Photography – Making the Ordinary Extraordinary – 77 minutes

Seasoned photographer Layne Kennedy shares his expertise and insider tips as he takes you on numerous real-world photo shoots. Everything from early morning snapshots to capturing motion to black and white, Layne has you covered. Pick up your camera, and get ready to be inspired.

Mountain Landscape Photography – 45 minutes

Having the right gear and being armed with the right techniques is important for mountain photography. But patience is also important. Learn how to get the best landscape mountain shot with these photography tips. From what you need in your camera bag, to making the most of a sunny or even cloudy day, you will get the most out of how to capture the mountains perfectly.

Coastal Photography: Water, Wildlife & Local Culture – 58 minutes

Coastal photography is some of the most beautiful photography out there, but the environment can wreak havoc on your equipment. This fun and informative photography DVD not only gives you practical tips you can start using immediately, but it is also an amazing feast for the eyes as your host takes you to various spots in beautiful Key West, Florida, and teaches you photography techniques using the amazing photo ops in the area.

Seasonal Photography – 79 minutes

If you eye seasonal photography and wish you could come up with images that beautiful, the good news is that you can. This Seasonal Photography DVD will give you the skills, insights, and tricks needed to capture beauty all year long and share it with others.

Spudz Professional Optics Kit ($30 Value)

This Spudz Professional Optics Kit includes: 1 Large Spudz Ultra, 1 2oz. Spudz FogzOff, 1 Lenz Clean Pen, 2 Lens swabs, 1 dust blower, four 6″x 6″ microfiber cloths, and one 10″ x 10″ microfiber cloth in a compact zipper case.


  • Safe for all optics
  • 12 piece set
  • Field ready
  • Professional kit
  • Compact and portable
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