The Visual Flow Companion Volume 1 eBook


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eBook: The Visual Flow Companion Volume 1

Author: Ian Plant

A year ago, Ian Plant completed his eBook Visual Flow: Mastering the Art of Composition. The project was a labor of love, but no one could have predicted how well it would be received by customers and critics alike. Mastery of composition is a life-long process, so he has decided to extend the Visual Flow experience with this first anniversary update.

This companion volume is filled with new images, new analyses and new insights. Ian invites the growing community of Visual Flow readers to share in his ongoing artistic discovery!

51 page Digital PDF eBook Download

The Visual Flow Companion, Volume 1 contains:

  • Explanation of the compositions of nineteen of Ian’s favorite images from the last year.
  • Compositional analysis of images of fellow Dreamscapes bloggers, George Stocking, Kurt Budlinger, and Richard Bernabe.
  • In-depth discussion of masterpieces by Rembrandt and Singer-Sargent.
  • More of the super-imposed squiggles, lines, and curves that helped make Visual Flow such a hit!
  • About the Author: Ian Plant is the Managing Editor of Outdoor Photography Guide. In addition, Ian Plant is a frequent contributor to and blogger for Outdoor Photographer Magazine, a Contributing Editor to Popular Photography Magazine, and a monthly columnist for Landscape Photography Magazine. Ian’s work also appears in many other books, calendars, ad campaigns, and magazines available worldwide.